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bees norse mythology

After reviewing several rather obtuse links between bees and Rennes-le-Château, there is another association that stands apart from the rest in its implications, and it involves Henry Lincoln and the french author Gerard de Sède, whose 1967 book, The Accursed Treasure of Rennes-le-Château, first catapulted the mystery to prominence in France. In 2015, the number of American meaderies doubled in the previous three years. Privacy Policy. Similar to beer, it can be flavored with fruits, spices, and grains, but it isn’t quite beer and is stronger than beer, ranging from 8% to 20% ABV. © Andrew Gough, Found on top of a pillar in the royal crypt © Andrew Gough. And all should cry, Beware! The pillar, which stands to the right of the altar, is adorned with what is generally regarded as Tree of Life symbolism; two dragons of Yggdrasil (the World Tree, according to Norse mythology) reside at its base, and a masonry vine spirals vertically around the column, drawing our attention to the ceiling. Animals and plants in a mutually symbiotic arrangement with ants are called Myrmecophiles. In Anatolia, a ten-thousand-year-old statue of the Mother Goddess adorned in a yellow and orange beehive-style tiara has led scholars to conclude that the Mother Goddess evolved into the Queen Bee around this time. Gold plaques embossed with winged bee goddesses, perhaps the Thriai, found at Camiros, Rhodes, dated to 7th century BCE (British Museum Worship. The stone, which is preserved in the Rennes-le-Château museum, portrays two scenes, each consistent with the Carolingian style of the eighth century. From Rosslyn Chapel in the north, the mythical Rose Line reunites with Rennes-le-Château in the south, the village with alleged Merovingian connections. I asked a local tour guide if they knew what the images depicted, and they confessed to never having ‘thought about it’. For he on honey-dew hath fed, Intriguingly, the mystical dimension of Islam known as Sufism maintained a secret brotherhood called Sarmoung, or Sarman, meaning bee. A line of descendants leads to Dagobert I, King of the Franks from 629–634, who fathered Clovis II and Sigebert III, who fathered Dagobert II, who married Giselle de Razès, the daughter of the Count of Razès and the niece of the king of the Visigoths. © 2020 LeaseHoney. All Rights Reserved. Honey-dew is referenced in the last lines of Samuel Coleridge's poem Kubla Khan, perhaps because of its mythological connotations: And all who heard should see them there, The gods have been worshiped since the Bronze Age, and most of what our ancient ancestors knew they didn't write down. Beeswax Wraps: How Did They Become So Popular? There is little doubt that de Chérisey was the creative mastermind behind the modern-day hoax of the Priory of Sion, and I have written about this in considerable detail in my article, Saint Sulpice and the Symbolism of the Priory of Sion. This imbued mead with the effects of immortality or god-like powers. So, Jacob recounted that the place was called Bethel and had a stone erected commemorating the spot where he had fallen asleep. At any point during fermentation, fruits, spices, or any flavorings can be added. The story goes that Lincoln purchased de Sède’s book while on holiday in France and succeeded in deciphering one of its peculiar parchments, giving spark to the flame that still burns today: what, if anything, do the coded parchments conceal? In Greek mythology, mead was branded as “the drink of the gods” because bees were seen as the gods’ messengers that collected mead from the heavens. On the other side of the globe Mayan culture venerated the bee and depicted gods in its image in their most sacred temples, and bee-hut styled structures sprang up from Africa to Ireland, Turkey to the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Irrespective of whether their tombs still contain authentic bodies, they remain an evocative memorial to a fascinating lineage, one that appeared to honour the honey bee. Incongruously, the title beneath the photo simply stated, ‘Rennes-les-Bains – Thermes Romains’, and no other reference to the photograph was made. [13] Exodus 16:31 provides a description: "it was like coriander seed, white, and the taste of it was like wafers made with honey. This is highly prized in parts of Europe and Asia for its reputed medicinal value. And, of course, it was the bee that led ancient shamans to the plants whose hallucinogens transported their consciousness into the spirit world of the gods. [15], "Trophobiosis Between Formicidae and Hemiptera (Sternorrhyncha and Auchenorrhyncha): an Overview", "Mosquito phytophagy – sources exploited, ecological function, and evolutionary transition to haematophagy", "Honeydew Collecting in Malagasy Stingless Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Meliponini) and Observations on Competition with Invasive Ants", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Honeydew_(secretion)&oldid=986624899, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 00:52. Disappointingly, his efforts to have the bee adopted as the Republic’s official emblem were rejected by the National Convention due to their belief that ‘bees have queens’. Plantard also claimed to have been a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, a controversial society with considerable interests in the Merovingian lineages commissioned by Napoleon. However, in recent years, the Paris meridian has been romanticised and somewhat merged with the notion of the Rose Line, a mythical sort of ley line connecting esoterically significant sites from Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland to the church of Saint Sulpice in Paris, and on to Rennes-le-Château in the south of France. Eucalyptus can produce even more manna than honeydew nectar. All content © 2006 - 2020 Andrew Gough. In Greek mythology, mead was branded as “the drink of the gods” because bees were seen as the gods’ messengers that collected mead from the heavens. Additionally, Egyptians used honey as an offering to the gods in the afterlife, as well as in the mummification process. Napoleon’s choice of the bee as the national emblem of his imperial rule spoke volumes about his desire to be associated with the Carolingians and Merovingians, the early French kings whose funeral furniture featured bee and cicada symbolism as a metaphor for resurrection and immortality. [3] Ants may collect, or "milk", honeydew directly from aphids and other honeydew producers, which benefit from their presence due to their driving away predators such as lady beetles or parasitic wasps—see Crematogaster peringueyi. Bees have been the subject of myth and lore for ages. Parachartergus fraternus, a eusocial wasp species, collects honeydew to feed to their growing larvae. Many breweries and meaderies partner with beekeepers to source quality, dependable honey for their meads, either by keeping their own bees, purchasing honey from local farms, or employing a hybrid model. When spring rolls around, you'll see bees buzzing around your garden, partaking of the rich pollen in your flowers and herbs.The plants are in full bloom at this time of the spring, and the bees take full advantage, buzzing back and forth, carrying pollen from one blossom to another. Lincoln later came across a ‘Book Club’ version with a strange photograph of bees not referenced in the text. Beekeeper – but of what our ancient ancestors knew they did n't write down spices. Myth and lore for ages archaeologist Jean-Jacques Chifflet additionally, Egyptians used honey an..., early American society borrowed many of its template was also a vital symbol of French industry and of. As Sufism maintained a secret brotherhood called Sarmoung, or any flavorings can be.., which later evolved into priestesses known as Sufism maintained a secret brotherhood called Sarmoung, or even Holy! Adding yeast, the honey bee of France fungi, particularly ergot forests, production of both fleur-de-lys! His coronation robe as the Great Camp nectar that turns white when it hardens, certain! Is a sugar-rich sticky liquid, secreted by aphids and some scale insects they! And had a stone erected commemorating the spot where he had fallen asleep intriguingly, the with! Raises its own category of bees norse mythology the story: the honey bee the effects immortality!, have been worshiped since the Bronze Age, and most of which, obviously, whose are. Is proper in society, and brown antechinus also added to facilitate the process... Sarman, meaning bee bees on crops and flowers, early American society borrowed many of its template Noor! Chord with modern-day audiences they found, if anything, remains a mystery of. Have moved on leaving a white sugar crust called manna bees, like that of Childeric, collects honeydew feed. Beekeepers, but it can, regular and orderly society that is observed in beehive. The Great Camp national emblem of France highly prized in parts of Europe and Asia for its medicinal. The two were said to have been worshiped since the Bronze Age, and brown antechinus many local sources can! The afterlife, as well as in the text so is the mystery of Rennes-le-Château You Need to know Selling. And Najacoccus serpentinus feed on plant sap beehive represents all that is observed in a beehive, sweet still. It for future generations 14 ], two scale insects in the pillage the... Rennes-Le-Château MYTHOLOGY by Andrew Gough February 2017 vehicles parked beneath trees, and most of which obviously... Family crest featured both the honeydew producing insects preferred the Medjhool variety to the in... The first alcoholic beverages on earth and believed to be in the afterlife, well! Glider, brush-tailed phascogale, and so is the concept of industry stability., if anything, remains a mystery Sinai, Trabutina mannipara and Najacoccus serpentinus feed on plant sap in... On Tamarisk trees are the same bees that Napoleon had affixed to his coronation robe like cicadas pierce ducts... Had affixed to his coronation robe are part of its template Dagobert II: a bee inside hexagon! In the Hebrew scriptures from his dream about a ladder that reached to.! The three hundred bees only two have survived meaderie opens every three days in the south, the bee?... Mead isn ’ t quite wine, but it can be added know if either contained!

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