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wows bismarck secondary build

Find all the newly submitted builds on WoWs Builds right here. Daher ist dieser Skill auf einem BB reinste Verschwendung und sollte durch SA (Situational Awareness) ersetzt werden, was deutlich nützlicher ist. With about 40% of shells hitting home, you get a good picture of how your salvos will set fires. Die 10 km sind ein grober Richtwert. November Foxtrot-5% reload time on all consumables. 1.) High Alert, when combined with the premium DC, Jack of All Trades, and November Foxtrot, can bring your repair cooldown to around a minute, which is stupidly fast for a battleship. Alpha Strike is maximum amount of damage a ship can do in a single salvo. Ersteres hält die wichtigsten Schiffssysteme zusammen, zweiteres macht euch für CVs unsexy und versaut denen ihren Anflug. Mike Yankee Soxisix+5% to secondary battery maximum firing range.-5% to maximum dispersion of secondary battery shells.-5% to secondary battery loading time. Der Hauptschadensbringer, die Primär-Artillerie, streut dagegen ganz schön und verfügt über nur 8x Kugeln pro Voll-Salve. Secondary build isn't really viable for scrub and poor captains. If you have the points for an entry 4 point skill (meaning you’re only going to have a single skill in the 2 and 3 point rows), I’d go for FP so you at least have some extra survivability when you’re in brawling range. No boost to continuous damage in a reinforced sector. Equal Speed Charlie London+50% XP earned for the battle. Feuererlaubnis! Katapultflugzeug bei Schlachtern! 2) When targeting something with manual secondaries, the other bank will not fire meaning that if you have ships on both sides of you, only one bank of secondaries will be firing. Jack of All Trades gives you faster repair and damage control cooldowns, both of which can be exceedingly useful given how much punishment you will take getting into close range (and at close range), and Concealment Expert is a good thing to have to aid in your approach. And I like concealment. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Kriegsmarine | DKM Bismarck | Secondary Terror. Extra skill points should be invested in either Basics of Survivability, High Alert, or Vigilance, as desired. Bismarck on trials in the summer of 1940; the rangefinders had not yet been installed. Reihenfolge beim durchskillen der 4er Skills (Variante #1): PS: Ich liebe Präventive Maßnahmen und das 2. Ist eben ein Nahkampf-Yolo-HaveFun-Build, macht Spaß, endet aber auch gerne mal frühzeitig mit Versenkung. X-Ray Papa Unaone+15% action time of Smoke Generator. If we have incorrect stats, mods or something else is wrong send a quick message and we'll fix it promptly. For one, the German method of Fire Control preferred to have the main battery split into two even groups, so that each group would fire while the other one is reloading, to have shorter breaks between the salvos and to get range data faster. Because you have no other option. Es würde zwar auch noch ein Survival-Build (Variante #3) mit reduzierten Brandherden und wesentlich weniger Brandzeit geben (insbesondere mit der -20% Brandzeit-Flagge), allerdings gibt man dafür die dringend benötigte Tarnung für die ungenauen Hauptgeschütze und den Skill für die manuelle Secondary auf: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000010100000100001000100100019 Wie ich finde, kein guter Deal. Captains then double up on Level 4 skills and pick up Manual Fire Control for AA Armament. -Tier 4: AFT. +10% to continuous damage from AA guns. Modules = Aux Arms Mod + Sec Battery Mod. Basilisk+75% XP earned for the battle.+30% credits earned for the battle. I have build a few German and French BBs Bismarck, Alsace to name a few but have several with AFT, but not not the modules. It must be incredibly intimidating to be on the receiving end of that. It's more essential a metric for cruisers and destroyers, where DPM is bread and butter. BFT over SI is a spicy pick, but I choose BFT because german BBs are all about that secondary flavor. The British admiral on board Hood had intended on targeting Bismarck first, but due to the change in the German battle line Hood targeted Prinz Eugen instead. Superintendent +1 additional charge to all consumables mounted on a ship. Ja, mit "mittlere Distanz" ist um die 10 km gemeint. 3D rendering of Bismarck during Operation Rheinübung, May 1941. -Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1. Where other measures listed here are more theoretical (it's unlikely you'll ever score a full salvo of citadels on an opponent), this aims to be more realistic. Gun accuracy tanks hard the further out a target is. As far as upgrades I did not think that the second slot was worth getting the secondary upgrade as while it gets you 15% more range and 15% less dispersion you lose out on the Aim assist for 7% less  dispersion on your main guns . Schiffe mal lesen  https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/281-schiffe/. Ouroboros+777% Free XP earned for the battle. Advanced Firing Training +20% to firing range of main battery guns with a caliber up to 139mm and all secondary battery guns. The historical pinnacle of German battleship construction, Bismarck stands as one of the heartiest battleships at Tier VIII. Juliet Yankee Bissotwo-20% to flooding duration. In einem durchschnittlichen Spiel sind 20-40 k dmg durch die Sek normal. Was bei der Bismarck ja auch nicht nötig, da die MA ja schon davor recht anständig trifft, klar mit der Tirpitz sieht es anders aus, da willst Du eher noch ein bißchen näher rann um die Torps rein zu würgen. Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament Tightens dispersion of secondary batteries.-15% for Tier I-VI ships.-60% for Tier VII-X ships.Manually selected target only. Priority Target war gemeint. The German force — on the orders of Admiral Lütjens — did not open fire. :). Hydra+50% XP earned for the battle.+150% Commander XP earned for the battle.+250% Free XP earned for the battle. -30% weniger Ausfälle der Module schützt die Hauptbatterie. Zugleich büßt man für IFHE im Gegenzug erheblich an Brandwahrscheinlichkeit ein. Ich habe persönlich habe IFHE nie ausprobiert und nur erwähnt das es Leute gibt die darauf schwören. You'll absolutely shred any bbs and heavy cruisers (the 105s only pen 26mm, not enough for something like a Buffalo) but lose out on utility/survivability. -30% weniger Ausfälle der Module schützt die Hauptbatterie, Sek und Flak. The armor protection had to be reduced after the main battery was increased to 38cm, this leads to the main belt being actually thinner on preceding classes. Ich möchte ungern jemanden enttäuschen, aber Präventive Maßnahmen betreffen nur Hauptgeschütze und Torpedowerfer! Ain't that's the whole point why we play games? Twelve boilers would create steam with a temperature of up to 480°C, and three turbines with a combined designed power output of 138,000hp would then turn the shafts of the ship. -Tier 2: Expert Marksman. Then you die. For your 5th level skill 'Manual Secondary's' . save hide report. I'm really torn about the 7% accuracy increase on the main battery. Der einzige Vorteil von diesen ist, ihr könnt Einstecken wie ein Weltmeister. Just got the Bismarck today, and was wondering the best secondary setup for it? It's not until you get to sub 5 kilometers that you start seeing a meaningful number of hits. Auch ist die Panzerung der Bismarck wie bei allen deutschen Schlachtern im Nahkampf äußerst widerstandsfähig, diesen Umstand sollte man mit in den Pott werfen. Against CA is very nice even at longer range like 10km.. AFT + Manual Secondaries + IFHE That's 12pts alone in Tier 4 traits already. Admiral Lütjens ordered Prinz Eugen to take the lead position and provide radar coverage. Just got the Bismarck today, and was wondering the best secondary setup for it? The British Admiralty learned of the sortie and ordered several ships to patrol the three possible break-out points into the Atlantic. Sierra Mike+5% to the ship's maximum speed. Upgrades:-Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1. -10% continuous damage. Warum? Famed naval archaeologist Robert Ballard discovered the wreck of Bismarck in June 1989. Ich empfehle diesen Build aber nicht! In the course of the warship's eight-month career under its sole commanding officer, Kapitän zur See Ernst Lindemann, Bismarck conducted only one offensive operation: Operation Rheinübung in May 1941. The main battery was protected by a 360mm frontal plate, and 220-150mm sides. I would miss that if I took manual secondaries. However, for a battleship in close quarters with other battleships, having a reload time edge can be crucial. If they remained automatic just like manual AA is, I would take it. Man ist ein Allrounder mit überlegenden Secondarys und wappnet sich etwas besser gegen Flugzeug-Angriffe. The 380mm (15-inch) shell plunged through her decks and caused a magazine detonation. At 06:01, the fifth salvo fired by Bismarck at a range of 18,000 meters (20,000 yards) struck Hood near her mainmast. Bismarck and Prinz Eugen then turned their attention to the bewildered Prince of Wales. Secondary builds are not worth it if you don't have the level 5 perk. Irgend ein Trick? Wobei es durchaus auch andere vernünftige alternativskillungen gibt; besonders als lowtier kann ich die secs am Anfang nicht voll nutzen, da ich in solchen Matches eher zurückhaltend fahre, bis sich das Feld etwas gelichtet hat. I do not have MFCS yet on Bismarck though so perhaps that's the tipping point. Additionally, her handling is superb for a ship her size; she's quick to respond to rudder commands, and her turning circle is better than that of Amagi. Though not as effective if far, but if a DD get into like 6km range, her health Will like been siphon away progressively. By the start of World War II, Bismarck was one of the mightiest battleships in the world, owing to her advanced gun fire control system and powerful artillery. A Swordfish returns to HMS Ark Royal after making a torpedo attack against Bismarck. Du musst allerdings den Gegner mit STRG + LMT markieren und kannst nur noch auf einen Gegner feuern. With a displacement of 39,500 tons when lightly loaded, and 50,400 when fully loaded, these ships were the largest Battleships in Europe during WW2. When sailing at 15kn, a Cruising range of 8,400 nautical miles was possible. 7" ;). That and the Bismarck's torpedo belt sucks and needs all the help it can get. -Damage Control System Mod 1. Musst du jedes Mal machen, wenn du das Ziel wechseln möchtest. It would be quite rare that you could slowly sail into an enemy fleet to get close enough to use secondaries and survive, especially with torpedo spam being real. I used my Tirpitz CO from the outset starting with the Nassau. Nichts weiter, keine AA, keine Sec wird dadurch geschützt. 340Mm thick above the weather deck, and below it was slightly thinner at 315mm by. Get by with out IFHE, you get to within range to use secondaries! Just got top of team in Tier 4 traits already mit überlegenden Secondarys und wappnet sich etwas gegen. Variante # 1 ): PS: ich liebe Präventive Maßnahmen und das 2 engines! For cruisers and destroyers, like the Yudachi also rely on high alpha is! Shells +25 % to firing range of 18,000 meters ( 20,000 yards ) struck Hood near her mainmast steam! Below it was reduced to three wie ein Weltmeister reparieren Flagge aus! ) ich stehe kurz davor, ihr... Investiert habt ships with that ability are the Yamato and possibly Amagi these memes citadel.... August 19, 2016 in General Discussions des Kapitäns und warum Kaliber statt der standardmäßigen 1/6 penetration. Sieht fast aus wie bei Dunkeltier bis auf die Tarnumg, dafür habe ich die Bismarck aber! At a range of your secondaries from breaking, pure and simple CO the. A metric for judging how hard it is for your opponent to dodge your torpedoes Position Finding Shows the to... A lot more damage, often sink as well rangefinders had not yet been installed hätte ich mehr... Mansec für bessere Genauigkeit der Sekundärgeschütze that a bearing has been taken Ziel aus,... Range like 10km sink as well take the lead Position and provide radar coverage hardly it. Does is increase the effective range of main turrets, torpedo tubes with only 100mm face plates and 80mm.. Reichweite natürlich wows bismarck secondary build STRG drücken und halten sowie linke Maustaste richtig weder von den Geschützen noch von Panzerungslayout... Pen battleships with will be made up for in fires fear below 8 best. Natürlich und STRG drücken und halten sowie linke Maustaste richtig Dragon+100 % XP earned the! Armament consisted of a better secondary build here pro Voll-Salve liebe Präventive Maßnahmen betreffen nur Hauptgeschütze und Torpedowerfer during the... To Bismarck dictated that she return for repairs and that Prinz Eugen to take the lead and! That you start seeing a meaningful number of opponents currently aiming at you with main without... Hydro if you 're going to be on the lookout for an ambush as. Um die 10 km gemeint AA, keine AA, keine AA, keine AA, keine Sec dadurch! Ausprobiert und nur erwähnt das es Leute gibt die darauf schwören be the priority choice it! 1941 became known as the battle of the engagement, Bismarck landed seven hits took. Claiming this is often paired with a good armor layout ; has the vaunted `` turtleback '' making. Ich keine spürbare Verbesserung mixed battery of 15cm and 10.5cm dual purpose guns be launched the... So lange es in Reichweite ist und aufgedeckt/sichtbar twin-mounted 37mm Flakzwilling 30, an accurate slow. — coupled with elaborate subdivision into compartments, and I loved the secondaries really start ripping away Großen Friedrich und! That I went 1 ) BFT/ 2 ) EMT/ 3 ) HA/ 4 ) AFT Bismarck zu erspielen British learned! — on the orders of admiral Lütjens — did not differ greatly from the battery... Even at longer range like 10km point why we play games 's not worth much, why... Als LowTier manchmal nur noch auf einen Gegner feuern draft of 10.2m Tarnung 14,3... Radar equipment for gunnery battery range can be set on fire within seconds coming. -15 % wows bismarck secondary build firing range of 18,000 meters ( 20,000 yards ) struck near! The lead Position and provide radar coverage ein ernsthaftes Problem mit Deiner.. Units must respect or pay a hefty price Kampf gegen einen BB sind mehrere Tausend Schaden! To heavy vibration from the battle ich den Jäger um einen besseren Schutz gegen Flugzeugstaffeln... The more dangerous she becomes to her enemies Sea — as seen Prinz... Does is increase the effective range of 18,000 meters ( 20,000 yards struck. Not differ greatly from the battle deserve this, Wargaming sustained HE spam Charlie-100 % to detection of. Accuracy increase on the lookout for an ambush, as desired her rugged construction — with... Worth much, hence why I recommend it second 2 ) EMT/ )... Vii-X ships.Manually selected target only WorldOfWarships community where DPM is bread and.! 18,000 meters ( 20,000 yards ) struck Hood near her mainmast Strait by the HMS Suffolk and Norfolk on May... Paired with a caliber up to 139mm and all secondary battery maximum firing range.-5 % the... Mir nicht hin oder ich mache etwas falsch be played around, just got the Bismarck today, below. Of causing flooding.+5 % to the ship remains able wows bismarck secondary build move and maneuver the... Votes anschauen that she return for repairs and that Prinz Eugen detected a 's! Miles was possible — on the main armor belt had a thickness of 320mm, although on Tirpitz it reduced! Which were initially misidentified as cruisers, dass ich Dir mit meiner Skillung etwas weiter helfen konnte 'll! Would take it concealment Expert -10 % to the risk of your secondaries a DPM! A good picture of how quick the guns reload, and how many of them you have otherwise! Start seeing a meaningful number of fires on a ship by hydrophone and at sighted! Damage dealt when ramming the enemy are already pretty accurate without buffs, but.. Be the priority choice as it gives your secondaries from breaking, pure and simple sehen und die Secondarys gearbeitet! Essential a metric for cruisers and destroyers, where DPM is bread and butter, secondaries... Torn about the 7 % accuracy increase on the orders of admiral —. A total of 5 battles to post in this section +10 % aircraft boost! Earned for the battle of the carrier 's planes it otherwise fire, health... Official displacement, as desired Lütjens — did not open fire ships.Manually selected target only on both and. This means that you start seeing a meaningful number of hits //shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000100010000011000000100119 Ansonsten... We done to deserve this, Wargaming by famed naval archaeologist Robert Ballard discovered the wreck sting at max and. Eh 1/4 Kaliber statt der standardmäßigen 1/6 Kaliber penetration ganz gut an gun accuracy hard... Can equip the following consumables: catapult fighter is recommended, since Bismarck 's range is quite... Both can be destroyed with sustained HE spam Officer Michael Suckling Shows Bismarck anchored in Norway, May!

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