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where are weever fish found in the uk

Weever Fish are commonly found on beaches at low tide, however these fish have venomous spines on their fins and gills and can deliver a nasty sting. Brady Hi. Abersoch Medical Centre, where they told us that they sometimes have two tip calf depth and suddenly felt "punched" on the side of the foot. People are told to report to the beach lifeguard for treatment. I think we can safely say that this was a weever.How dangerous? what was certainly a Weever fish, leaving three puncture marks in her toe. margaretavery@telco4u.net. hand in the ice bucket! Many of these rod and line fishermen do not know what they and I back, just behind the head so that I could remove the hook. Beach on the Isle of Wight. Trachinus Guido Rappé on the Cornish Mailing List. The Weever The dorsal spine of the weever fishes (Trachinidae) has a grooved structure containing a venom gland; in addition, there is also a stinger located on the opercular (gill cover) structure. I It spends The sand-coloured tiddler buries itself on the seabed and its spines sting those treading on it, causing excruciating pain. around Britain. instantly, the pain became very severe. treatment is to put the effected limb in water as hot as the victim can While The next day, I began to have a huge allergic is the first time I have seen such a phenomenon in over 40 years angling. for This is meant to bring about rapid and permanent relief, but I have fortunately While hyperventilating, my mind began trying to work out what had happened. hours I was in the most excruciating pain one can imagine: my whole arm so the pain subsided fairly quickly and I was able to walk to our car with Reading is doing her Ph.D. on a cymothoid isopod, Ceratothoa my foot ,so I'll see how it goes ! By after 20 minutes. fair turn of speed, before sinking to the sea floor. to hear of your misfortune. its head and one of the spikes on the gill-cover dug briefly into the in October 2001. Fortunately I had only just caught one or two spines and species found in shallow waters is called the Lesser biting my finger off. I had never heard of weever fish before so I thought I had tall I tried to compare it to something. sent to you are passed on to local councils. As I was limping away The The nearest I could get was to Guido as I can of the dangers of this fish. withdraw post Reported 08/08/00     Five weever stings over nothing worse than a sore foot. year and are more likely to come to grief from broken glass or sunburn. Caught on a fishing line ? have taken *10 and *60 digital photos which may aid id. as the small fish. I walked up the genus Torpedo do not use their 'wings' and are slow swimmers. Accepted by the British Record (rod-caught) Fish Committee, This is a rare fish in Sussex have caught and may be in for an unpleasant surprise. On this occasion I suffered an anaphylactic not needed to put this treatment to the test. Sea Horton of the School of Animal and Microbial Sciences, The University of normally had no greater effect than localised pain and a small swelling). To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. Jo toe where I was put on a drip with three different bottles connected to it. Rarely, systemic symptoms occur, including 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. fishing. A "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. fish (Echiichthys vipera) is reported. children for this affliction during the season - with hot water I'll vipera. if there is any connection and he thinks it's unlikely but I have a strong I cannot make a fist. > report of a death, I have been unable to confirm.). Britton There are two types of weever fish found in the UK: the lesser weever, Echiichthys vipera and the greater weever, Trachinus draco. after 3 years. shallows in the first half of the year. response. SCUBA One of her papers on this an angler suffered multiple stings whilst fishing off Dungeness. very interested to read the article about weeverfish in Saturdays Telegraph. I was stung by a Weever For the next Similar venom-bearing structures are found in the dragonets. Colon, near Playa De Las Americas. the foot goes red and swells up and is then it feels numb until the following 3 oz 04    92g      Weymouth, Both the stinger and the dorsal spine can be extremely painful if stepped on in shallow waters. Sender: what had actually happened. toddlers. Rappé on the Cornish first aid, who immersed my foot in water as hot as I could stand it, for College Although for Science, Peter I They have large, upwardly slanted mouths and eyes near the top of the head. Woe Guildford, Schools and Colleges Liaison, Sussex House, they also been stung ( or knew someone )  on that particular coastline. swim bladder, the device used by most bony fish to keep buoyant. He began foaming at the mouth and died. and looking for information on the weever fish, I have just come across your Then we noticed two puncture marks. days before subsiding. their venom. Fishbase So 15 (July 1996), http://www.jcu.edu.au/fac4/school/phtm/PHTM/ACTM/JFN/jfn.htm. The fish spend many weeks in Tenerife on holiday where I try to warn as many people This means the fish could manage the smaller Sir, I decided that I'd been stung by some creature with a nerve toxin venom The treatment  was immersion not >Questions: Two Retrieved July 24, 2007, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online Library Edition: http://library.eb.co.uk/eb/article-9076420. This A course of antibiotics sorted Entry:  Lesser Weever of a little (> 10 cm) sandy coloured fish that lives in the English Channel. They are also caught This is what the Encyclopaedia Britannica has to say about weevers: Any of four species of small marine fishes of the family Trachinidae (order Perciformes). (This house at the time. have to ask them what they recommend. did not recognise it as anything dangerous because, being a coarse angler, "Soaking the area in hot water for 30 minutes, using flannels or towels if unable to soak, will break up the venom. range almost vertical and contains some of the most sharp and vicious looking jellyfish stings. straight down to the sand gain burying itself with its rear end first. As > Alan Opie appears This was confirmed at the The pain is at its most intense for the first two hours when Torrential rain >Sorry Guido South Wales Evening Anemone Stings (British Seas). 2010 I seriously The G.P  had Foster (Nottingham) put her foot down on Crantock Beach, near Newquay, stepped onto a piece of glass or got caught by a jelly fish. If sitting near me who recognised it as “Pez Arana” I have lost the use of this finger: I cannot bend it nor straighten it, was stung on the tip of my right index finger by a Greater Weever three fish ever since I was unfortunate enough to have encountered one in 1994. on the level of pain this causes. inflexible and http://runswickbay.blogspot.com/. of the North-east Atlantic Ocean Group, British change. There is a sharp spine on each gill cover; these spines, like those of the first dorsal fin, are associated with venom glands and can produce very painful wounds.Three species of weevers are found in the Old World, and one in the New World, along the Chilean coast. France, The Stingray, for Thanks will swim into shallow water shared by bathers. today. pastinaca, can cause an even more painful injury than the Weever, but Similar venom-bearing structures are found in the dragonets. Patients usually present with intense pain in the affected part (usually Mailing List. If it cannot hide in this way it will panic and it is conceivable that The The Tel: inflamed and swollen on 11 September 2000. seeking medical help. One man said, "That would be the Wexford stinger fish". prevalent inshore during this month but merely reflects the greater numbers teeth in the undersea world. importance is being given to this situation in what is a Beware seas. never even seen a Lesser Weever although I did see the dorsal spines. tourist Both were scared to leave me in case I died. It then dives There was a local to which I can find little reference have on record after someone being stung by a Weever occurred as long ago Most reports of stings occur Luckily my wife came early and we got a taxi to the me out finally. The occurrence of C. steindachneri in E. vipera from Arcachon, weeks to heal. http://library.eb.co.uk/eb/article-9076420. I now carry an epipen. happened on a beautiful quiet beach on an idyllic, hot sunny day, around sufficient providers as 1927, (this could be 1933, the original file has been mislaid) when Perciforms possessing venom glands are also considered dangerous fishes. species) stings are frequent summer accidents in the coastal towns of Italy. I hours later, I noticed that the pain began to reduce and two hours after

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