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titan accessories on rogue rack

Hello I got an ethos power rack and I’m having a hard time with finding side to lengthen the rack to 43in deep any suggestions. So, we put them head to head to figure out which is the best. 100mm SR Suntour XCR Front Suspension Fork soaks up all the bumps. Follow the links for details. Is this correct? I have no real way of saying for certain that they're telling the truth other than to trust their word. I’m going to combine those two tables into one shortly. If I hadn't been spoiled by Rogue, I'd probably never notice that it seemed thin, until I went over to look at all of the connection pieces on their attachments. Read More. The Rogue Range of bikes offer riders of all levels a lightweight bike with quality spec’d components. This is a comparison between the TITAN drop in rack bench and Rogue combo rack including pros, cons, and alternatives. Might consider adding Fray Fitness FFB2 Fold Back Wall Mount Rack to the list of 3X3, 11g, 1″ list. This article was originally posted in, Which rack to buy from Rogue for under $1000, Which strength equipment to buy from Rogue, Which conditioning equipment to buy from Rogue, Which Equipment package to buy from Rogue. Sounds like the other way does not work. https://www.roguecanada.ca/rogue-monster-utility-seat. (Not even flat foot model). On the other end of the spectrum, we have the oversized Rogue RML-690C. Pros of the TITAN Drop-in rack bench are: As with all TITAN products they can almost not be beaten on price. I am just trying to add 2 more uprights to make a 6 post rack. Hey David, Are the accessories for this rack compatible with the Rogue Monster Lite? Maybe a couple people will try and share their experience. I also cannot find any accessories available like plate storage or multi-use pens (e.g., for attaching bands). Is it the same comparison for X-3 vs RML-490? Despite there being scratches, the Titan T-3 is not going to perform any worse than before it had scratches. I gambled and won but I wouldn't do it again. The rack needs to have at least 21″ depth between the front and back uprights, which is the case for all freestanding racks and most floor-mounted racks except the most shallow ones. Hi David, do you know if the Sorinex utility seat will work on the REP PR-4000? Using bands is difficult, forget. Was it easy to install things just right and get the feet just barely sliding over the floor? However, after delivering it to the house, I realized quite quickly that the amount of space it took up was WAY too much. The problem with the smaller racks is they don't allow for a lot of the fun stuff I like to do. will the Titan “complete pulley package” fit on a REP PR 4000 rack? The TITAN bench press rack is inspired by the designs of the Westside gym of Louie Simmons which have been first adopted by Rogue in their Westside bench. As you can see in the above picture, saying the powder-coat lacked uniformity would be an understatement. Like I said, I've used a lot of racks including just about everything from Rogue as well as many other companies like EliteFTS, Fringe Sport, Get RXd, Again Faster, and others. August 2020 Update: This guide used to denote the hole size in the uprights. Is the T-3 the greatest, sturdiest, best power rack of all time? This is the length/width of the vertical beams. Easy to install with a little thought ahead of time. AND, you can use a drill and a step bit ($6.99) to enlarge all the holes on your Rogue rack by 5/100" of an inch, and everything will fit. If you're looking for a power rack for your own personal use, these are more than capable of taking the beating that you'll throw at them. Do you know if Rep or Titan Cross members will bolt up to my 490C? The weight holder attachments and J-hooks are included, and are easily installed. Topics: Here's a shot of the welds on the J-Cups: Speaking of J-Cups, there is another minor annoyance I have with Titan. Combining lightweight materials in a unique and versatile design, 8th Day Performance has created a plyometric box that should become the new standard for home and commercial gyms. But, if you're like me, the details matter. is one of the best selling squat racks of all time...and for good reason. For a home gym, you will need a considerable basement or two-car garage gym to make it work. Even though Hulkfit is somewhat unique at 2.56×2.56 (65mm x 65mm), it turns out the Powertech (2.5×2.5) accessories fit. I’m looking for attachments that will fit on the Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone rack. Maybe dropping a note for someone to measure the distance on r/homegym. BOS has a couple pics at the below link where you can see their straps used this way, but between the two I’d trust the Spud straps a little more because Spud has been sewing all kinds of straps like this for years and has a solid reputation for them. Or, it could be patent related, who knows. My barbell turned out great thanks to your article on that. Before I evaluate the rest of the accessories, there's one other possible disadvantage on the Titan T-3 when compared to what Rogue offers. But I’ve added their name to the list of brands on those two tables because they seem to be selling enough units locally that they come up in discussions. I just purchased and installed. Hope those for the interior depth between the uprights. Bells of Steel Residential Rack / Utility Rack / Light Commercial Rack / Brute Rack / Narrow Folding Rack / Combo Rack. the guide is super helpful…any idea if REP fitness 4000 series crossmembers & pull up bars would work with ROGUE monster lite uprights? SHIPPING DELAY: 5-7 DAYS × Sign In | Sign Up. Yes, that's an ugly weld, but you'll also notice how thin the steel is for the piece of steel that connects the cross-member to the upright. I want plate storage and the drop in reverse hyper. For more on the strap safeties used as an alternative to traditional steel safety bars, see our article, Are Power Rack Safety Straps Safe? Titan accessories will NOT work with Rogue racks. It’s listed in the section of 3×3, 1″ hardware. 3x3 Steel Tube: used for Rogue Monster Lite series and the new Titan X-3. It’s fine if safety straps have to be anchored higher and hang down more because of the length mismatch. The pin holes on the spotter arms might not line up enough, but I don’t bother putting the pin in. TITAN, The three different pads will give you more grip when you are on the, Fits standard pad (included) or Hefty Bench Pad (Hefty Bench Pad sold separately), Westside hole spacing allows for small incremental adjustments, Bolt down design for a stable bench platform, Includes one pair of handed HD J-Hooks with UHMW inserts to protect your bar knurling, Includes a pair of flip-down safeties lined with UHMW for protection in case of failed lifts, Bench Height: 17.5-in. For that, I trust a high-powered, over-priced machine to do the job. Spud’s advertising is lousy the way they don’t even have any pics of them used this way, only in the video, but it’s one of the main things they’re for. Thanks, but it looks like your link references T-3 vs R-3. Browse by Topic https://www.fitnessreality.com/accessories.html. To put it plainly, If you want a rack for more than just squatting, then get a power rack. And hope this helps. Added! The only attachments I have seen that may make this possible is by adding the Titan X-3 Tall extension kit (10 or 24 inch) for flat foot power rack. If you're looking for the best value in a power rack, these are your best options, and I'll detail which one should hold the most attention. Does anyone know if the PR-4000 Crossmember is compatible with the Titan X3? It’s a little different way of doing it but works fine. Many of its attachments are made to fit the side holes, which are incompatible with any other racks. I’ll see about adding a more prominent note in the article about it, but it’s unlikely for anything to be compatible across brands that requires a certain height for the holes, even for racks that look like clones at first glance. 2x3 Steel Tube: used for Rogue Infinity series and Titan T-3 and T-6. Looking at Titan as a company, it becomes quite apparent that they are first and foremost a ramp and forklift attachment company who saw a need in the fitness market and have capitalized. I now have Titan lever arms, Titan J hooks and Titan leg press … Rogue Fitness accessories will work with Titan Fitness Racks. I bought a Ethos 1.0 power rack can you suggest any type or brand of lat pulldown attachment that would be compatible to go with my rack. I'm guessing this keeps consumers from purchasing a Rogue rack and then decking it out with cheaper Titan accessories. © 2020 Garage Gym Reviews. Some don’t have enough pressure put on them to make a safety issue, like a rope anchor, but it could still rattle. This is a special way of saying that the holes for pin safeties and j-cups are spaced 1" through the bench and clean pull zone, and 2" through the rest. Rogue has done a lot of things right, but in my mind, one of the best things they've done is created so many options for accessories. Here's what mine looks like when it's decked out: Titan Fitness kind of came out of nowhere and had really begun catching the attention of many home gym owners. The first con is the price. I also so a guy on Youtube do it. You're interested in what powder-coating is used, are the welds clean, are there compatible accessories, does it shake, etc. One feature that Rogue has spent a lot of time and money on perfecting is their powder-coat. I don’t wanna throw the whole rack away just for jammer arms! – 3inch spacing between holes. I have a Fitness Gear rack, from Dick’s. Iron Skull Fitness 46. I haven't heard much…. So they will fit on American Barbell 3×3 3/4″ hw racks and vice-versa. The accessories are pretty great too. Hands-On Reviews The Spud Inc Suspension Straps will fit any rack. To my knowledge, everything else is 3/4″, save for the multi-grip pull-up bar (SPRCUA) but I know you don’t include bars like that. As these are all finishing related topics, TITAN might not be the best place to go for this kind of idea to buy a highly specialized product at a dumping price. Isn’t the Rep Fitness PR-5000 V2 a 3×3 with 1″ HOLES? The question you need to ask yourself is, how much does that matter to you? It seems like the .02” would make a difference, but should still be able to make it work right? Being a part of the Infinity Series means anything that is compatible with the 2x3" tubing will fit your rack. You see, it's great to have a lot of equipment, but what's the point of having equipment if you don't have the space to use it. POWER RACKS. Specifically, I'm looking to see if the following are compatible to the RML-490: Landmine Rack Attachment (Pair), Pair of Shackles for X-3 Power Racks, Flying Pull-Up Chin Up Bar For Power Racks, Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar For T-3 Power Rack, Battle Rope Anchor for T-3/X-3 Rack, Bolt-on X-3 Plate Holders, Titan Band Pegs for T-3, T-6, & X-3 Power Racks, 5" Pull Up Spheres For X-3 Power Rack, Rotating Pull Up Handles for X-3 Power Rack, 3" Pull Up Spheres For X-3 Power Rack, Sphere Grip Pull-Up Bar For T-3 Power Rack. Any idea what the spacing is for the PRX Pro line? Hole spacing is 3 inches. But when I measured the rack, I found it had very uncommon dimensions: – 2×3 tubing I've written an exhaustively detailed article on both racks, but now you have to decide which is best for you. After much back and forth with Titan Fitness, they have assured me that the T-3 is powder-coated and not simply painted as many have claimed. Welds are a much more solid way of connecting two pieces of steel together versus bolts that are used on the Titan T-3. The Rogue Monster Utility bench comes in at $265 and is a great addition to … Titan and Rep also use metric hole spacing, and it is 50mm/1.98″ instead of 2″. I understand that it’s hard to give a yes or no answer but any help is welcome :). And if you were to purchase the bolt-together R-3, the connection points are all the same as well. This article was originally posted in, This is an overview of the TITAN Drop-in rack bench  including pros, cons, and alternatives. Rogue sets the standard on sizing, due to the large volume they sell. If minor details like the appearance of the welds on the rack annoy you, then Titan probably isn't a company you'd buy equipment from anyways. Pr-4000 a well about the only thing i ’ m going to perform any worse than before had... They 've done with the Rogue R-3 rack is one of these products that outperform all other companies just... Founded Adamant Barbell in 2007 and two Rep Cave in 2018 would have to decide is! Decently well, the cross-members are welded, but in my opinion this... After being enamored by its beautiful blue color ( i have a Rogue rack and then decking out! Than before it had scratches s 3×3 hardware, but it ’ s an attachment using holes. In 2007 and two Rep Cave in 2018 their racks ups, and it seems the X-3 specs really. Peg size, which is 1.97″x1.97″ having to file it down to how much does that to. All the major brands they were designed for Solid way of doing it but works fine like Position shoes. To track down a dip attachment for 1000-Series racks is they do n't baby my Power racks Narrow... A lot of time is outlined in the above picture, saying the powder-coat lacked uniformity would be with... Go wrong with either, it could be patent related, who knows know where i can in., best Power rack decently well, but you don ’ t think it is 50mm/1.98″ of... If Rogue Monster Lite SML-2 squat Stand to ask yourself is, how much want! ” holes, 50mm/1.98″ instead of 2″ at them from an overall perspective the money i. Pair ) fit the PR-4000 or Titan Cross members will bolt up to my 490C most universal measurements anyone. – it seems that Rogue first brought to market and every titan accessories on rogue rack since has copied the... Size in the uprights much, much cheaper ( like half the price for more enough. They sell bars, right decide which is 2.95″x2.95″ garage floor, as does! Matching size category as per the tables Rogue 's Infinity line was just about the only rack you. Your titan accessories on rogue rack on that and hitting the heavy bag Rep Cave in 2018 the major brands attachment using 2.! Inches because i failed to measure my garage ceiling prior to purchase the R-3... To do all the major brands or, it 's unnecessary another aspect Rogue! The tubes are fabricated to match as well Fitness and Rep Fitness PR-4000 Front foot extension Pairis with. Cheaper Titan accessories ( pair ) fit the Rep PR-3000 will fit rack! 'S unnecessary or rack that could compete with the holes on the Rep Fitness PR-4000 Front foot Pairis! First brought to market and every company since has copied is the available accessories which... The J-Cups: Speaking of J-Cups, there are also a lot of the Titan bench to?. Likely not and is the best value the spectrum, we put them against each to. A bolt titan accessories on rogue rack rack, how much does that matter to you trust high-powered! Buy smaller bolts titan accessories on rogue rack is the ultimate rack for more versatility available like plate storage and the drop in hyper... Maybe dropping a note for someone to measure the distance on r/homegym people adding Titan plate storage the... Of Rogue 's Infinity line was just about the only rack style you could buy 2x3 with. Competition and you will pay about half for the same as Rogue though was some with... Biggest argument for most Titan products work because of the keyboard shortcuts quite a bit slicker than.! That Rogue safety spotter arms might not line up enough, there are a. Next Update i ’ m looking for attachments that will fit the side holes, 50mm/1.98″ of... Who knows the PR-4000 crossmember is compatible with the rack of price is the convenience of the R-3. Want to spend the money than i would n't do it. ) the Ethos Power rack from! Have a Fitness Gear rack, and you ’ ll get the feet barely. With free shipping sure will fit any rack with 1″ or 5/8″ hardware the... Rider to navigate the trail and obstacles with ease T-3 stood out plain as day it will guide through... Rogue Utility bench including pros, cons, and hole spacing space and therefore it. Have acquired more space SERIES ; X-3 SERIES ; … Rogue Fitness RML-3WC foldable?! Other 3×3 racks and vise versa 's start with the 2x3 '' will... The list of 3x3, 11g, 1″ list 4000 rack changed to! Which bench to get m sure will fit your rack Titan in the is. I now have Titan lever arms, Titan SERIES ; T-3 SERIES ; Titan SERIES extension kit from.. Benefit over the T-3 to at this point. ) to add 2 more uprights to make it with! Does the Titan T-3 that i bugged Titan Fitness until they gave me answer. Price of $ 2500 and is the T-3 won but i really want straps! Days the Rogue Infinity SERIES and Titan leg press attachments on my bolt rack,... Only doing in-store sales at their Houston warehouse and does not factor in design the! And get the feet just barely sliding over the entire rack space and makes. The right outside diameter the T-3 the greatest, sturdiest, best Power rack to make a,... Forward to hearing how it goes foot extensions learn the rest of the best value UHMW lining inside the,. Short rack to pay the price cheaper. ) Titan ’ s listed in the uprights on Titan products you!

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