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Click the arrow on the right side of the menu next to the “…” button and you should see a list of programs running on your computer. The art of persuasion is important, not only for bolstering your roster, but also for earning money, since defeated foes don't usually drop funds. This list should not be considered definitive by any means. There's a lot of customization and party micromanagement involved in Soul Hackers, and exploring the ways all the different systems intertwine is fun. Update 4: Slight correction to the conclusion to link to my guide for how to find this same debug menu in the Soul Hackers Extra Dungeon disc for the Saturn, which you can read about here. )Hold A Button+D-Pad: Cycle through enemy formations. Taking your demon’s personalities and abilities into account is the way to go, otherwise you’ll be in for a quick thrashing. However, I’ve never gotten any actual shop functionality to trigger. )PS1 version cheat code and controls: http://ds-cheat.boy.jp/ps/dssh.html (Helpful in finding debug features in the Saturn version that weren’t covered in the second link. Some saves will prevent you from doing any shopping, while others will allow you to do so. Press the B Button to confirm change. (Should work anywhere. I haven’t bothered to test this in any other emulator as your mileage will vary considerably with Saturn emulation, but SSF at least is proven to be able to reliably handle Soul Hackers. Quit takes you back to the previous sub-menu with Messenger, Backgrounds, Demons, and Movies, meaning we’re done with the Art Test sub-menu. I'm a big fan of JRPGs and the Japanese gaming industry in general. Update 1: Additional documentation has been added about being able to access the event testing functionality in-game, as well as the debugging features on save screens in the main game. Your protagonist’s saved name, as well as his and Nemissa’s stats, should at least be reflected, but by default, your party otherwise appears to be predetermined, even if your in-game party makeup is different. PepsimanGB is a freelance writer and Japanese-English translator who enjoys using his skills to preserve video game history and spread knowledge of it in new languages. (Very easy to soft lock the game doing this. Press L/R to change map number and press C to warp to new map. Long story short, don’t freeze the value permanently at 1. This first post especially is going to be very, very long, so to be merciful on your timelines for you reblogging types, I’ll cut to the actual chase after the break below. I also have reason to believe a debug menu likely exists for the 3DS port of Soul Hackers, as well, although nothing has been found as of yet. A bigger party leads to much faster magnetite depletion, so you must weigh the pros and cons of having a large entourage when exploring. Doing all this research and writing has probably taken the better part of at least 20 hours of my time and would appreciate the recognition, seeing as I don’t believe any other English-speaking fans has covered this stuff up until now. However, so far as I and past Japanese research has been able to determine, most functions are triggered not by actually going into any of the options, but simply by highlighting them with the cursor and then inputting the controls. Before proceeding, once the file loading screen is open, check Art Money one more time to see if the value you set earlier is still 1. Most likely, you’re using the latest version, 0.12 beta R4, but double check to make sure, as different versions of the emulator interact with Windows’ RAM differently. As with before, you can press the B Button to quit out of a video while it’s playing. Any save at any point in the game will work, even before the first Vision Quest sequence. This number varies depending on which save point is being used, making it likely that this number is used to identify different save points within the game. )Z Button+D-Pad: Change current yen amount. )Z Button+D-Pad: Change status parameter amounts for selected character/demon. Certain dungeons straddle the fine line between clever and annoying, because you have to deal with random encounters while you're working to figure out puzzle solutions. Off the top of my head, I know one background contains a message about a demo version of the game used at Tokyo Game Show. Controller 1:X Button: Bring up sound player information. Before we get into the meat and potatoes of what all you can do with this debug functionality, if you’re using an emulator, I highly suggest making a save state. While not overly common, it is possible to freeze the game while messing around with debug stuff and having a save state will save you the trouble of having to manually reload your save file again using the above process. Seemingly stops working once you actually have access to the COMP. (See third screenshot. )Y Button+Right: Triggers the same bit code editor seen in 2D city area maps. ): Don’t worry if the address is a different value than what you’ve typed in. If everything else looks okay, click the OK button and you’ll be taken back to the main screen. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. As with the visuals, it seems like an opportunity to improve this aspect of the game for the 3DS version was squandered. Soul Hackers' aesthetic and theme are firmly rooted in the Internet of the late 1990s, a time when everyone was excited about "cyberspace" and the potential it held. Now, in 2013, it … Code Name: In the novel Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers: Nightmare of the Butterfly, his codename is "Cage". 3 years ago. (See first screenshot. As mentioned in the previous bullet point, places listed as NO_MAP can still have maps appear when viewed using the ALLDON and ALLDOF visibility options. 3D Map loads you into a dungeon with your current party loadout. Interestingly, ALLDOF will sometimes reveal additional walls that won’t appear on a given map when viewed using ALLDON. Pressing the Start Button on controller 1 while on a save screen will bring up a hexadecimal number in the upper left corner of the screen. Presumably influences the fade-out effect, although I haven’t been able to notice a difference in my own tests.L Button: Change the DIRECT VOL value. Simply press the Start Button during things like cutscenes to access the usual menu and use it as normal. This one should be self-explanatory. In addition, sometimes skills from fused demons carry over to the resulting being. This is mostly handy for immediately saving the unlock feature for accessing in-game debugging features so that you can trigger them without having to manually trigger the debug code again using the previously laid-out steps above. Soul Hackers comes with caveats: it's tough to get into initially and is far from the prettiest role-playing game on the 3DS. The controls remain the same as the previous two options. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers was originally released in Japan on the Sega Saturn in 1997 and then on the PSone two years later. When you don’t freeze that value, every application is unlocked on this screen and can be installed at will. Check the box labeled “Use emulator options.” The next two steps should be fairly obvious: choose “Sega Saturn” under the “Game system” drop down menu and then choose the version of SSF you’re using under “Emulator” drop down menu. Press the B Button to go back to the Art Test menu. There is a brief primer on demon conversation near the game's beginning, and some characters that offer services have optional text explanations available, but as far as figuring out things like attack types, what commands do, and the effects of demon loyalty, you're either on your own or flying blind until a later point in the game where mechanics are explained. You'll be terrible at conversation initially, but once you discover patterns in demon behavior and develop stats and customizations that aid in understanding, you'll be smooth-talking more often than not. )Y Button: Toggle the COMP option ON/OFF. This guide will assume that you’re using SSF as your Saturn emulator. For those that are used to Atlus’ recent titles like Persona 4 Golden and the aforementioned Etrian Odyssey IV, some of Soul Hacker’s now-outdated mechanics may be off-putting. As you’ve probably come to expect at this point, the pause menu comes with its own fair share of debug features to trigger. If you have the patience to deal with its old-school flaws, Soul Hackers will reward you with an engrossing portable RPG experience.

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