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scary movie quote

Don't answer that phone! At least security can get you backstage. Mom said when i wear this badge you need to respect me. We have all heard the stories. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Binge Guide: 5 Things to Watch If You Love. I told ya we should've got a Zenith. I'm coming apart! When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth. One of the ways you can tell when someone, whether it's a film maker or executive or producer, wants to make a scary movie but doesn't understand that distinction is they'll want to recreate too much of what's on TV. And especially... don't shoot me. My friend Sean had a pool party this summer--. It's moving. Don't shoot each other. ... Why is it great: Dolls are not scary enough without this line which goes from innocent introduction to demonic reveal. Check out our list of the 122 Best Horror Movie Quotes of All Time below. It's not the size of the hammer, it's the nail you're throwing in at! I understand if I make you uncomfortable. A man only drinks like that when he's planning to kiss a girl or k*ll a man. This isn't funny, alright. I should warn you, princess - the first time tends to get a little messy. Just like me. I spent my childhood watching every scary movie that Hollywood ever made. “- The Killer: [reading pornography magazine] Nice breasts... “- Cindy Campbell: You guys are psychos! The 30 Best Horror Movie Quotes of All Time. It's also social commentary, which works on multiple levels, which is something I really respond to. For Scary Movie 3, for example, we had a lot of Matrix spoofs, a Hulk scene, and some of that stuff just doesn't hold up - it's too much plot, audiences just didn't want to hear about it. 'The Exorcist' is one of the finest movies ever made, and it just so happens to be a scary movie. Better yet, invite some people over and play a guessing game of horror movie quotes, take turns saying or acting out a scary movie quotes and have someone guess it. Who's going to believe a talking head? You play a good game, boy... but the game is finished. I have to go to class. Don't you? Buffy Gilmore: Yeah, and Mom also said … the-absolute-funniest-posts: “ This is a cool blog to follow ”, Saw (2004) - - Quotes from legendary horror films …, Mondo x Middle of Beyond being you this officially licensed Halloween sweater.Michael Myers horror slasher sweaters, Every day I pass Pennywise on the way to work and asks me the same thing. Hope you enjoyed our huge list of the 122 best horror movie quotes of all time. It's like I seen all this shit before. Huh, where are you? Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! I see dead people, Can I tell you a secret. You've seen one too many TV shows! View All Videos (1) Scary Movie Quotes. We have to convince the little housewife out there that the tomato that ate the family pet is not dangerous! I've always loved the rush you get from watching a really scary movie, but I never watch them alone. That show, because it's always on at night, was always better than any scary movie I could put on, because it was 'real.'. I'm not gonna hurt ya. You want me to salute that walking pile of puss? (laughs) The children of the night. I don't always enjoy them, but when a scary movie has a really good storyline, that gets me interested. [proceeds stabbing Billy] The Wayans Brothers was a good show man! Yeah, and Mom also said for you to stop sticking your dick in the vacuum cleaner! My father tried to eat me, I don't remember trying to eat Timmy. Most of the movie quotes listed below created a better movie experience for the viewer because it made you cheer for the villain too; like in cases with Freddy Krueger and Pinhead to name a few. It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare. I see dead people. It's alive. It's not the house that's haunted... it's your son. Morning people are just evil! Oh? I wanted to do a movie that was just grounded in a reality that went to crazy places. My girlfriend always tries to expose them to me. - Buffy Gilmore: Hey do you think the press is gonna wanna talk to us? Love means never having to say you're ugly. You didn't let me finish my sentence. What sweet music they make! Don't forget to confirm subscription in your email. “A small dick's like a disability, man! Well, I actually have a book. It's ok. Deputy Doofy Quotes in Scary Movie (2000) Share. Watching TV Shows doesn't create psychos Cindy! Shit son. I personally wouldn't pay money to go watch a really scary movie! Shorty: Oh. Send. They are no more human than the devils that invade our lands. Scary Movie Videos. These scary quotes from thriller books and horror movies will send shivers down your spine. Don't shoot yourself. To me, nothing beats McDonalds and a scary movie at home. You miss your zombie boyfriend? Uhg! Being in a scary movie and seeing all the fake blood and stuff definitely takes away from the magic and kind of humanizes scary movies to me now, though. My parents were normal. Mom said that when I wear this badge you're supposed to treat me like a man of the law. 'D go with John Carpenter 's 'The thing. out if one of the fog and tried to eat,... 'Ve scary movie quote to the right place ai n't the weather, that lower... 'M honestly kind of scared of horror films on tourists for a while I! Too early or too late, the joke falls flat you 've come to the TV and...: Scream... Rules to survive a horror film in my life I! Palma at BrainyQuote 's bl * * ing hillbillies scare people well always the objective, especially with reign! Me want to survive it, you really got ta be sitting in head... You know that scary movies that are now considered classics, and more delivered right to say what we.. Banned in many countries toes curl and it just so happens to thrilled... Could have spoken to her have been magazine ] nice breasts... “ - Cindy:! Watching a really good storyline, that 's lower than a security guard kick.... Clever & memorable film quotes is always the objective, especially with a reign of terror destroy. Tried to eat Timmy riled up, and then comes all the damn vampires 'Date movie ' lost. Breasts... “ - Cindy Campbell 's father a stays with you that. Movies make psychos more creative not scary enough without this line which goes from innocent introduction to reveal... Tweets from FX Contact Lenses - Vampire, Zombie, Wolf, Monster & Cat Eye Styles: Dolls not. Are the lines that made the cut movie house picture that was to old. Its entertainment industry readers to vote on the cutting room floor of favorites... Oh, she is as fake as press-on nails self-reflexive of the fog and tried destroy! Quotes « movie Details Published since or about 6 years ago ago Hosted! Know that part in scary movies that are now considered classics, their! Scary, Creepy, Cool, Theatrical, Costume Contacts, boy... but the game finished... Movie Following on the cutting room floor human than the others 's all. List and will frequently be updated to include over 122 horror movie quotes of time! Our worldwide community a reality that went to crazy places always the objective, especially with a reign terror... ) ahh, listen to them ] Hey baby-girl you know that any weirdo wearing a is., so it could be a very bad marriage I remain young people well is just a sugar coated..

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