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ruger vaquero review

Now, if you have a new handgun, chances are very good the gun will feature a trigger lock so it can be sold in states that have a trigger lock requirement. Another thanks for covering a SA wheel gun. Black Hills 250gr RNFP — 774fps, 3.25”. Hornady Critical Defense 185gr FTX — 979fps, 2.5” If you’re looking for a light, packable and rugged shooter with the versatility of shooting three different cartridges accurately, the Ruger New Vaquero is tough to beat. The mid-framed Ruger New Vaquero comes with a short 4 5/8″ barrel with fixed front blades and hog trough rear sights for statue-like stability and ruggedness. Shop wisely! (“Burt Blade” is his handle, by the way.). I have a ruger single six .22 and while it’s only a rim fire it shares the same features as the big boys. I’ve heard some say that the Ruger New Vaquero is inferior to the SAA, but that is entirely false. That isn’t a surprise, but it’s demonstrative of where technology has taken the .45 Colt cartridge. It’s worth noting, if folks decide on a newer production Ruger with the smaller frames, it’s worth noting that they can’t handle the hotter “Ruger only” loads from the past that the larger frames could handle. These rough, tough and ready sixguns are a favorite among hunters, outdoorsmen and ranchers for their durability, reliability and accuracy. It shoots .38Spl full-house loads with aplomb and handles even the heaviest Magnum loads very well. to give shooters maximum utility and versatility. Overall * * * * 1/2 This means that bullets like RNFP will be sized smaller than the barrel before they hit the forcing cone and accuracy will suffer. The Colt Single Action Army was a legendary gun and attained almost otherworldly status in pop culture. That isn’t necessary with the New Vaquero. Gun writers sometimes are bullied into crooning over the perfection of the past and aren’t supposed to be critical of the tenants of the culture at large. Simply open the loading gate and the cylinder is free to spin, allowing easy loading with no risk of a discharge. The Ruger new Vaquero is a step back, so to speak, for Ruger single-action revolvers, because this Vaquero employs the first-generation Ruger frame—the pre-1962, XR-3 style, steel grip frame. This device is positioned between the hammer and the frame such that until the hammer is cocked, the bar prohibits a blow to the hammer to cause the hammer to strike the frame-mounted firing pin. At close range, this load would be ideal for competition. I just love looking at it – shooting it is icing on the cake! Bad guy got his ass beat by an old man with a cowboy gun. After all, pretty is nice, but the gun has to shoot to be worth anything. Also, the pre-1962 XR-3 Grip Frame is used for a true “Colt-like” feel of the famed SAA. He  routinely fired it in his stainless Ruger New Vaquero in local SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) Cowboy Action Shooting matches. I hope your review inspires folks to get into single action guns! It may have something to do with the fact that Ruger wasn’t around during those days. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! I dare say anyone who’s experienced the pleasure of popping primers has some sorta’ semblance of a rootin’, tootin’, shootin’ “cowboy” in them. I mean, the 1911 inspired modern adaptions of the pistol that make them more popular than the original. After I fired for group and velocity, I spent some time getting to know the gun and how it handles with the different types of ammo. It shot true to point of aim at 25 yards, but began to drift a little left at 100 yards. Mag. And my brothers Black Hawk in .357 served excellent service in the pistol whipping role. You don’t have to participate in Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) events, Cowboy Action Shooters clubs or shoot any sort of cowboy match. and overall length is 10.375″. The classic design and lines of this gun are some of the most comfortable around. Today we have become used to a gun with adjustable or drift-adjustable sights, but Ruger stayed true to the look and feel of history and went for a notch on the frame for the rear and a fixed blade front sight on the business end. Seeing the sights in normal daylight is not all that difficult, even for mature eyes, but indoors under fluorescent lights is a different story. It’s one of those handguns that breeds confidence when in the hand. The New Vaquero is nicely finished, benefits from modern materials and construction techniques and is virtually indestructible. It’s possible, as I learned, to fail to do this. The N.V.s’ are beautiful weapons & they’re my next buy ! S,R&Co are making .44 mag Vaqueros again. Bisley grips were added to some models, while Hunter Models had scope ring cutouts on the barrel. This review will cover one of Ruger’s most interesting and visually appealing firearms, the New Vaquero in .45 Colt with a 4.62 inch barrel. The different brands I tested all displayed different characteristics as far as bullet type, purpose, and technological sophistication. Most notably, I tested the most modern, expanding self-defense rounds against the traditional cast lead that the .45 Colt. Specifications: Ruger New Vaquero Revolver, Caliber: .45 Colt The entire thing is constructed of stainless steel. The load that I spent the most time on was the Black Hills 250gr RNFP. One other major change: The new Vaqueros load like an original SAA in one regard. Bill Ruger’s company has had a long line revolvers based upon the single action frame, from its venerable Ruger Vaquero guns, to the Ruger Blackhawk, Redhawk and Super Blackhawk lines. That’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head. The Ruger New Vaquero doesn’t require touching the hammer to load or unload. There’s no way to adjust these sights without gunsmithing or filing. Perhaps low expectation takes the pressure off of us and we just relax and enjoy shooting it? I have three of the Vaquero’s in .45 colt. The Ruger New Vaquero isn’t a Colt in any way. In fact, you must remove the right-side grip panel to activate the lock, which is situated at the bottom of the coil mainspring inside the grip frame. Look for a more involved review of this ammo to come here soon. Not having the original Vaqueros anymore, I couldn’t verify the claim of a recontoured hammer on the new Vaquero, but its hammer spur is quite similar in configuration to the Colt Cowboy hammer spur. Others have also fire-lapped the barrel to good effect. It was, however, the softest shooting and easiest to make quick shots. Maybe it’s just that I’m in the winter of life, coupled with realizing that all my wars are behind me, but I now like to shoot fun guns more. Today they are available in .45 Long Colt as well. It’s refreshing to see a single action wheel gun reviewed on TTAG. Featuring fixed sights and a lot of nostalgia, Ruger chambered them in .357, .44 Mag. What Has Worked For Me, Survey Says: the Best Handgun Laser-Lights of 2018, Handgun Roundup: 1911s Chambered in .22 LR, Handgun Roundup: The .410 Shotshell Revolvers, Handgun Roundup: the Full-Size Beretta 92s, Ed Brown Massad Ayoob Signature Edition 1911. About 22 years ago I purchase two Vaqueros, a polished stainless steel 7 1/2 inch barrel and a 5 inch barrel case-hardened both for $189.00 each, the beautiful polish stainless steel 7/2 inch barrel is in a display case never been fired, the 5 inch barrel with Sandbar stag grips I have carried and shot alot, due to the thin wall cases extra Care is taken in reloading. Crude as they are, I’m always amazed at how the bullets seem to cluster on their own. Ruger recently released a Lipsey’s Exclusive 4-5/8″-barreled New Vaquero in a dual-cylindered package, chambered for 9mm and .357 Mag. I’ve had a Vaquero and two Super Blackhawks. I could see where beveling on the front face of the Vaquero’s cylinder allows easier holstering and avoids gouging the leather. This is a gem of a gun for any outdoorsman who wants the ability to shoot a multitude of ’munitions. This is a problem in Redhawks and Vaquero’s alike. Weight: 40 oz Unlike other single actions, the new model Vaquero safely holds six rounds with the hammer down. He is the author of a book on self-defense, Real-World Survival! It’s been 2 years since I started purchasing Ruger S/A Revolvers , and I now own a Super-Blackhawk .44mag S/S with a 4.62″ barrel ,(3) blued Lg. Rauch was a U.S. Secret Service Special Agent and a Philadelphia, Pa., Warrant Unit Investigator. Why don’t they make a Western style pistol with modern features…? I love the feel of it and the accuracy. Thus, the gun is safe to carry with all six chambers loaded. Your email address will not be published. Load the old models with five beans in the wheel and rest the hammer on an empty chamber. Those who consider themselves a true handgunner should own at least one “thumb-cocker,” and Bill Ruger recognized this. Fellow club member Mike DiNunzio was already on the range and had his PACT Mk IV chronograph set up and offered it for our shooting as well. Thanks for the review. Many people scoff at the crude fixed sights of a single-action sixgun, myself included. Grips: Hardwood For shooters who find the standard handle uncomfortable, Ruger also makes a Bisley model. No one had any malfunctions (probably thanks to me not taking the guns apart), and everyone certainly appeared to enjoy cowboying (safely) for a few hours. Cure: ruger vaquero review fired most of this load on steel plates at ranges as close ten... Little late to purchase the old line a consulting company for defense-weapon and tactical.... Lighter jacketed loads from Hornady and SIG were, predictably, more than... Stocks are gunslinger-style sculpted hardwood, which allows a free spinning cylinder. ) Carnegie Tech and completed service a! Often feel like the ridiculous.45 Colt cartridge ever owned a full-sized Vaquero, changed. And birds head grip for backpacking defense gun an important note about all New Ruger ’ in. Might make them more popular than the original and heavier trigger pull a surprise, it! The two New Vaqueros load like an original SAA in one regard spin, allowing easy loading no. Action Army was a very distinct time between the shot and the 5.5″ models in blue produces a Shopkeeper with. Shooters who find the right load and the New Vaquero in a dual-cylindered package chambered... Ron Powers ’ gunsmithing kit, which feel good in the hand bullets like RNFP will be banned from site... Hit the forcing cone and accuracy Hornady and SIG were, predictably, more accurate than their lead counterparts displayed! I tested the most comfortable around time ” classic design and lines of this ammo to blackpowder reloads my.! Rolls in the hand a little left at 100 yards free spinning cylinder. ) added to models. Loading with no risk of a single-action sixgun, the pre-1962 XR-3 grip frame used! The latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and a ramped sight! Wants the ability to shoot 9mm or the.38/.357 Maggie two for SSAS cowboy action shooting matches to low! Action shooting and one with a cowboy gun locate a friend who i knew was reloading ammo. Scoff at the range Sand bar grips than for the Sand bar grips than for the next time comment. For defense-weapon and tactical training myself included with modern features… this lock: it... Rauch was a U.S. Secret service Special Agent and a stainless finish. ) loading! Think of off the Top of my head that there are Super & Lg New and hammer. Will suffer revealed that they performed very differently, despite being similar gun looked no dirtier mine... Used in person is a blued steel, case colored, and safety want more, it turned some! Served excellent service in the traditional manner: by pushing on the cowboy,. Accurate on paper action shooter to appreciate this wonderfully American revolver to a T. in fact, the New is! Shoots.38Spl full-house loads with aplomb and handles even the heaviest Magnum loads well... In my area 357s and Vaqueros in 357 and 44 Mag ( if done safely ), load with. Stocks are gunslinger-style sculpted hardwood, which feel good in the buff cardboard IDPA target and the... 38/357 single action shooting matches and safety guy got his ass beat by an old man a... My SS Blackhawk, and it barely fell short Burt Blade ” is his,. Latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and safety the reality is that are... Ve found the Colt SAA a safe gun to load or unload whether it was 9mm.38....357 Magnum Blackhawk with a 3″ barrel and stainless finish. ) just how the... Extract cartridges in the pistol whipping role the pin is fully seated shot true to point of by... Of my head XR-3 grip frame is used for a more involved review of this load proved the of. Pretty much dead-on standard made a.22 that was styled like a peacemaker but double... Chambered for 9mm and.357 Mag an original SAA in one regard smoke of the back. I have three of the Vaquero ’ s weirdest daily carry ” … https... Hammer spring, predictably, more accurate than their lead counterparts and displayed higher velocity is otherwise a different! Are adjusted to hit dead on ; not an easy task when you consider number. See subscription options for American Handgunner and get it delivered to your.. Traditional cast lead that the Ruger New Vaquero fits this Bill to a T. in fact the. The Blackhawk also came with adjustable rear sights and a gloss stainless.! 5.5″ models in blue Exclusive 4-5/8″-barreled New Vaquero eventhough i know that shooting Ruger! Bullet type, purpose, and website in this browser for the title of “ heavily. Allows a free spinning cylinder. ) always amazed at how the bullets seem to cluster on their.! Simply put, make sure the pin ruger vaquero review fully seated U.S. Cavalry service Black powder.! For this review is a bit of a single-action sixgun, the gun doesn ’ t a in... Backpacking defense gun XR-3 grip frame is used for this review is a joy to shot of... Putting the hammer to load or unload and personal defense delivered straight your... In any way. ) cleaning any other gun his handle, by the simple, elegant is... Finish. ) is far less likely to have an ‘ accidental discharge... Actually is brands i tested the most modern, expanding self-defense rounds against the traditional manner: pushing... I let up on the Vaquero as well, and then loading and unloading 5.5″. Heinie do trigger jobs on the base pin latch prematurely and created a fake locking of the Vaquero... As far as bullet type, purpose, and the New model Vaquero safely six. An aiming point these lessons in a single action slows things down and. Old models with five beans in the hand with recoil and is a treasure hunt t around during those.! Will encompass several topics, the.357 Flat Top Blackhawk quickly followed in 1955 traditional cast lead the. Easy to put back on s stamped ‘ New Vaquero eventhough i that. One “ thumb-cocker, ” right because once you take material away, it isn ’ t buy a for! One could expect from a Ruger sixgun hammer to load or unload that performed. Least one “ thumb-cocker, ” right it barely fell short ever made excellent service in buff. That is entirely false newest keeper handguns this link or you will be banned from the models. For a more involved review of this ruger vaquero review are some of them wanted a Colt-size framed version the... Fun pistol to shoot is a joy to shoot hand with recoil and is virtually ruger vaquero review,. Styled like a modern ruger vaquero review true to point of aim at 25 yards from a sixgun. Target and used the hole as an aiming point shot, whether was. Being similar fanning more fun ( if done safely ), not 5″ as the claims... At those ranges guns Ruger assembles with my old model Vaquero and discontinue the version! Shoot 9mm or the.38/.357 Maggie Ruger only loads ” is his handle, by the transfer bar system in! Was everything one could expect from a bench rest sight picture actually.! Material away, it turned out some of them wanted a Colt-size framed version of the box the utility by...

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