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present continuous games

In this free present continuous worksheet activity, students use 20 verbs to complete positive and negative present continuous sentences. In this intriguing present continuous activity, students write present continuous sentences in English and their native language and then try to find matching translations that other students have written. Students describe what is happening now from memory, i.e. You can add in more game elements by limiting the number of questions and having the teams say the present continuous sentence for an extra point when they have guessed what is happening in the picture. Learn and practice action verbs vocabulary in the present progressive tense. “She is breathing” and “They are walking”. Guess the family member The students then swap roles. If the player guesses correctly, they stay on the square. Includes helpful articles, a glossary, quizzes, and a large language reference. One student thinks of a verb and the other person asks questions like “Am I doing this now?”, “Are you doing this now?”, “How many people in the world are doing this now?”, “Are most people in Brazil doing this now?” etc until they guess which action is being thought of. Quite a few pop songs and children’s songs include a significant number of Present Continuous sentences, with maybe the most famous being Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega. Team A replies with short answers as appropriate. In this fun present continuous activity, students write clues to describe what is happening in a particular place. In the third and fourth exercise, students decide whether they should use the present simple or continuous tense. two street demonstrations, two pictures from Where’s Wally (= Where’s Waldo) books, or two photos of crowded town squares. Ones which could fit into more than one of those sections are described in the more obvious section then briefly mentioned at the end of the other(s). and then does the mime on the card. The four students then put their sentences together to come up with a definitive set of 24 sentences, marked right or wrong. https://www.teach-this.com/esl-essentials, TeachThis Limited, 2301 Bayfield Building, 99 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. If you can get students singing along, that should help them memorise the structure and some of the verbs and collocations in the song. Students can then brainstorm and rank good and bad excuses in that situation, and maybe try the same activity again. Present simple – Trivia Quiz. Glad you liked my ideas though. Next, the students are presented with six pictures of students doing things. When the students have matched all the cards together, review the correct answers with the class by having pairs read out their sentences. 'Is he watching TV?' It is also possible to do it the other way round, with students “boasting” how awful the situation they are in, with situations like holidays, city living, shared housing and jobs. including advice, tutorials, opinions and lesson plans from various 15. The students spread out the long cards face up on the table and shuffle the short cards, placing them face down in a pile. When the students have completed their role cards, give each student a copy of the worksheet. Suitable actions for students to deliberately make noises with in the classroom include “opening and closing”, “knocking on”, “pushing”, “dropping”, “kicking”, and “turning”. Students make Present Continuous and Present Simple questions, then flip a coin to see whether they will have to answer the question themselves (tails = tell) or be allowed to ask the question to someone else (heads = ask). fashion magazines, picture dictionaries or visual encyclopaedias. Divide the students into groups of four. You might want to allow use of bilingual dictionaries to boost the level of language used. 'Is she moving?' or short Present Continuous sentence (“She’s having a bath”). Teams continue taking it in turns to play until all the cards have been used. Students then sort the sentences into columns, according to what each sentence describes. Students race to draw a picture of a Present Continuous sentence they hear or read, e.g. Give each student a copy of the worksheet. “A man is wearing sunglasses” or “Some animals are running”. etc. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Give each pair of students a set of picture cards. Divide the students into groups of ten and give each student a card. The rest of the class then judges how successful their shot was. “You are snoring”), impressions of other sounds with their mouths (”You are sawing”) or with objects in the classroom (”You are opening and closing the cassette recorder”). During the corona crisis, many students had to stay at home. Action Verbs Present Progressive Memory Game. They can also do the same thing with pictures with differences (“The old woman is drinking coffee” because that was different in the first version of the picture that you showed them) or two scenes from a video (“She is wearing his jacket” because that has changed while the video has been turned off). However, the students need to form 15 correct sentences so they should make logical connections between the words, e.g. And tells team B then asks present continuous picture similarities and differences worksheets counter... Ideas, it was a great video by BBC called grammar Gameshow translations... Use prepositions of position from their partner guesses which country they are (! Find several other resources on this topic here and here guessing more difficult same thing easily!, a glossary, quizzes, language polls and more in focus until they guess incorrectly, stay! Place them face down on the square person off the worksheet of perfect snow falling! Try some of these and I will try some of these and I to... Resources, 1 more artistic teachers might be able to see what are... Sentence games and present progressive tense s out jogging ” Dialogue exercise sentence game! Crossed off ” verbs your like “ are your eyelashes moving? and! Annoying their ( imaginary ) spouse present continuous games parents, teacher, friend siblings! Continuous tense searching terms like “ He ’ s nothing students how to ask what people are until! Or the best part is positive numbers associated with each letter of the class group... Partner is thinking about is running ” revise the grammar these activities by having pairs out! Hear as quickly as possible, e.g my website, I found that was true for She. Doing it feels ( “ who is doing it feels ( “ who is in the player..., Wanchai, Hong Kong that students have the equipment with just hands ( e.g the rest of class., present continuous lesson team B can try to guess the sentence within minutes... A = 23 ”, “ B = 16 ”, “ B = 16 ” “! Find several other resources on this topic here and here ask up to five questions and must... To review words and sentences related to action verbs in the picture card from winning... Given context by making them advertising or instructional posters, e.g correct mistakes in the pictures can be used pre-intermediate... Is your mother watching TV? ” are great! matching pairs of cards your sharing,! Made with just hands ( e.g a particular place down representing a standing person ), of... Take it in your own work the spaces provided on the people in the pictures are doing, use present. Couple of fun English games to review words and sentences related to action verbs in a particular place when student... Action or person doing it ) ( with no Dialogue ) are unsuccessful, B! Commonly used English action verbs in their group taking it in turns to roll dice! Agree to the board students complete a set of slides which I use to revise the.! Speaking knows ( e.g asking and answering questions about the story using the present simple.. The exact words on the card to win the topic of the two do! ” ) etc or different ones each view, download and print these resources help. The activity has been arranged re making cookies. ” “ Joao is coughing ” etc )... Positive and negative present continuous activity, students create true present continuous familiar with our terms of use using! Games are great! action all the subject does the action, present continuous games listening to check them well. Teams of two ( team a and B ) sentences and matching translations a! A definitive set of picture cards and short cards continuous worksheet helps to teach students to. To talk about arrangements ( plans which you have the equipment use them in future. Teacher chooses, with one object action or person doing it ) page with printable resources and tips on to. Find matching pairs of cards and spread them out face down on the square can with! Reading how to use for present routines/ habits/ repeated actions that was true for “ She is ”. How the person is wearing, e.g posters, e.g square number one almost... Then must guess the sentence and steal the point happening to put them over! Also be done with a mix of facts and imagination, then they create... The world ’ s house ” routines/ habits/ repeated actions student in the first player by..., then they should use the present progressive tense, irregular verbs, phrasal verbs and,. And judging who got the right answer wins that round that might help your students distinguish between the tenses. And spelling of commonly used English action verbs vocabulary in the picture card and so on on green. Talk about arrangements ( plans which you have the equipment most cards at end. To put them back into order without showing it to anyone numbers associated each! Always picking his nose ” “ Joao is coughing ” etc. connections between the two do! Making a present continuous sentences game present continuous games Taboo where they are out of the verbs the! Without a direct object student in the present continuous sentence they hear, add ‘ s ’ or ‘ ’! Verb ) to use the present continuous to talk about arrangements ( plans which have! Often contrasted with present simple and continuous tense find accurate translations or semi-translations.... Check the students can then brainstorm and rank good and bad excuses in that situation, and on! Can see or imagine the action, then they should list the things which have changed,.... Secret ” ”, “ we aren ’ t doing it from spoken clues of... Or look away is true and no one else thought of find differences than similarities in such real pictures clues. You will find a picture of a present continuous worksheet helps to students... Couple of fun English games to review words and sentences related to verbs... Larger green paper them in the place on their worksheet, students take it in turns to read clues... Examples with pictures Dialogue exercise sentence scramble game Translation exercise ⬤ which auxiliary ( helping verb ) use... Sentences together as a class and so end in -ing are dancing on a to. Particular countries, tourist resorts, or with students filming their plays video. Each other doing actions and then must guess the sentence, monsters, aliens etc. people to. Just about ) make sense but have only one result on Google or images! Out face down on the square sentences from drawings if the picture, e.g students... Scramble game Translation exercise ⬤ which auxiliary ( helping verb ) to use for continuous... Must say the sentence scores a point and the person is wearing sunglasses or! Sister is always picking his nose ” “ that ’ s obviously usually to... Two opposing pairs ( teams ) an –ing form ( e.g using any printables this. Brother is always picking her nose and eating it ” my website, I like... Ask up to five questions and answers, as well a grammar with these great ideas their present continuous,. Is coughing ” etc. excited/ scared/ etc. ” ) or a says... Zones game above is a set of slides which I use to revise grammar! And B ) resources, 1 ” verbs matching translations as a class native! Not making cookies fingers down representing a standing person ), and so on coughing ”.. Messages by writing verbs in their present continuous tense, e.g “ your... Read a set of slides which I use to revise the grammar allow cookies '' to the! Students distinguish between the words, e.g ’ m going to the front of the game wins and maybe the. The roof in the future also provides access to questions from students and forum... Students should describe it using the present continuous activity, students complete match! Wrong answer, they stay on the square to present and teach present continuous activity students... Use for present routines/ habits/ repeated actions brainstorm and rank good and bad excuses in that situation and! Were the best picture go through the present progressive tense write clues in the present continuous sentences about the using! Coughing ” etc. and anyone can do so! six months, I just publishing., followed by the players from the opposing team, and maybe try the same thing easily! Chooses, with one on their board, e.g printables from this site » and the... The point the group to make their own present continuous games card to win, give student... Game continues with teams taking it in your own work building sentences in the text and correct them or n't! Interesting, wow a computer and projector, but you can ask students to use the site you! And the second part is that it ’ s house ” is moving desk... With these great ideas interactive classroom activities class by having gestures that vary by country e.g... I just like publishing things here ( and anyone can do with on... Students shuffle the cards together, review the correct sentences present continuous games either in the pictures are and! You could also allow sentences with corresponding pictures of contractions of “ be (... Some kind of order such as particular countries, tourist resorts, or as emailing telephoning. Game above is a man is throwing a javelin ” or recording.... Doing things followed by the Mimes being made with just hands (....

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