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managing to learn what is consensus

Ideally it should be a safety net that never needs to be used - the fact that the option is there means the group is required to take everyone's needs into account when forming a proposal. If you think you have too much power, chat to other people in the same situation and see if you can support each other let go of some of that power. Once you’ve got a good understanding of what is important to people, you can move on to collecting all the ideas for moving forward. Or might it help to review the groups' rules around the block? Begin with a whole group session where the issue is introduced and clarified. There can be a wide variety of reasons for all these differences, but the impact on your decision making is that it is less consensual - you cannot take everyone's needs into account unless you are able to hear them! You might well feel upset, angry or sad. Consensus involves looking for ‘win-win’ solutions that are acceptable to all. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Boost morale by noticing when someone does something well, or is putting a lot of work in on group tasks. Author, John Shook, takes the reader/learner on an A3 journey using two fictitious characters, Porter, the new A3 user, and Sanderson, the A3 mentor. Setting up a facilitation team to plan and run the decision-making process is vital for a successful outcome. Being allowed to vote 20 times in a lifetime for an MP or other political representatives is a poor substitute for having the power ourselves to make the decisions that affect every aspect of our lives. Constructed as a dialogue between a manager and his boss, the book explains how “A3 thinking” helps managers and executives identify, frame, and act on problems and challenges. Proposal-led consensus works better if the proposers seek as much input as possible from the wider membership in order to form the proposal, e.g. Social time is important too. For example, using a specially developed template can ensure that the proposal contains background information, intended outcomes and clear wording. If a new proposal is not created, the original proposal comes to the next meeting for a 75 percent super-majority vote, and it will probably pass. For example, "The whole thing is going to be a disaster" is so general that it is easy to either ignore or contest. ISBN: 9781884365393, Democracy in Small Groups – Participation, Decision-Making and Communication, John Castill, New Society Publishers, 1993. Maybe I should read this book a second time ? Explore the ideas that people have come up with in more detail. The consensus process in large groups can get very confusing, as it tends to be a bit more complex and involve more facilitation techniques. The benefits outlined below don't come automatically when a group switches to consensus! Collective decision making in contrast can feel unwieldy and slow. It takes time to unlearn the patterns of behaviour we have been brought up to accept as the norm, such as competing to 'win' an argument. By far the best lean related book I've read. Break down the decision into smaller bits. A block stops a proposal from being agreed. This book was recommanded to me by a colleague as an introduction to the A3 problem solving. Complemented well the training sessions we had earlier in the spring. The aim is to be as clear as you can about your needs, feelings and views - without exaggerating or downplaying them. You have the right to look for support with that - but usually it's not fair to expect that from the person who challenged you! Addressing deeply ingrained inequalities is an ongoing process which can be painful and frustrating, but the rewards are better decisions and more genuine liberation and connection to each other. Coalitions and alliances formed between pre-existing groups, for example to fight a specific issue, can find it difficult to reach consensus. If significant concerns remain unresolved, a proposal can be blocked and prevented from going ahead. A big question for large groups is who should define the aims and vision. Be careful not to turn to this at the first sign of trouble – it’s a definite last resort in a consensus group. By clearly stating the proposal and asking people to signal whether they agree or disagree, we get a much more accurate picture of whether consensus has been reached. When you have consensus, everyone will be more committed to the way you address a situation and its outcome. The group then looks for common ground and weeds out some of the options, combining all the useful bits into a proposal. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published If ideas come up you could hear them briefly and then park them for the next stage. Providing detailed information for each agenda item in advance of a meeting can help reduce time needed for clarification in the meeting itself, especially if everyone knows how they can ask questions beforehand (for example, contact details are provided for the person who put the agenda item forward). Or do they feel that the process leading up to the proposal was deeply flawed, perhaps because they or other people weren't heard in the discussion. I bought it and have skimmed it a few times; getting a general flavor. In this case you can add more tiers, where each spokescouncil sends a spoke to a second or even third level spokescouncil. There are a number of pre-meeting steps to ensure that proposals already take into account a wide range of views before being taken to the full membership. If you are feeling vulnerable, hurt and angry you have the right to say so, regardless of whether other people respond defensively, or don't like the way you say it. However, consensus can be used successfully by larger groups, the chapter on Consensus in large groups for case studies and suggestions on making it work.

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