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ilford xp2 vs hp5

Take a peek at the bracketed HP5 images we provided; these were taken right off the scanner and you can easily imagine how much more can be tweaked to an image simply by adjusting the curve or adding more contrast in post. so I’ll be discussing my process for shooting, developing, and printing my images from a standard roll of XP2. This developer was designed to maintain a good balance of general contrast that is most ideal for scanning and printing. Well yes, sort of, but no. For this reason I personally never underexpose and never shoot it at night where most of the frame may be black. I have not tried it yet but I do have a roll of C41 B&W film I can try. The BW400CN scan had a sepia tone and the XP2 film had a cyan cast; I had to desaturate using Lightroom to make it look like traditional silver-based B&W film. I treat it as 800 film for a few reasons, including the low-highest aperture of f/4 on my XPan. ISO 800: Very Contrasty (Personally I would push at this speed), (ISO 100 & 50 is really too flat, but usable with adjustments in PS or LR. I photographed a night time baseball game, sandwiching Ilford Delta 3200 between Kodak TMAX 3200, and it is obvious when I switched brands. Is Software Driving or Destroying the Future of Photography. This means that any reportage work that might have a deadline, especially fashion, can be off and with the client almost as quickly as my digital edits. Thanks for putting up the side by side comparisons. Anyone else fancy trying this? *, *If you enjoy sitting in the control seat when it comes to the outcome of your images, HP5 might be your film. Click to enlarge photos. Use the film you're drawn to, try developing a bunch of different ways, and experiment to your heart's content. You get the idea. Some like X and Y together. I discovered this film some years ago, and i found it a very good o... Hi everyone, this is my second time developing my own film. They're the kind of negatives you have to work pretty dang hard for with traditional silver gelatin films (in my opinion). I still have a few rolls of Kodak TMAX 3200 film in my freezer, gamma rays be damned! This means it would be ideal for you to have a light meter handy or very close by to take a careful reading of the light in the scene you want to capture. The setup: Mamiya RB67 on a sturdy tripod with a large softlighter above. As such we feel it is a film with a lower latitude and with more sensitivity to high contrast. I can’t seem to get what I want with HP5……. It can still look ok as others have said, but unlike other films XP2 i find seems to show grain in the shadows and not the highlights. Again, there's no better or worse. It retained the information and detail in the highlights, even at 4 stops overexposure! Dusting is laborious and boring as hell. (permalink), I'm still in the experimental I don't know what I want yet stage too. I've used Kodak Tri X a lot where I needed maximum latitude and I like Tri X a lot. And, convert to monochrome if I want to, and still have color shots for those that need it. With a little more than 70 years of existence under its belt, HP5 has become the most shot black and white film in Europe and is one we see frequently in our lab! Is the Leica Q the Best Camera for Street Photography — and a Bargain? Sometimes a very nice effect, other times………….well……….. I remember shooting the new XP – not “2” – many years ago. A side by side comparison and photo examples between the Leica M.P. I used an Epson V700 flatbed scanner. Yoon Films 332 views. (permalink), Another vote for HP5. Something that bears mentioning is that HP5 is very good if you realize you need to PULL it. First time self developing, results aren't that best. The most important thing is to have some fun! I planning to shoot some Ilford FP4+ (as soon as the sun comes out!) When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. This could be seen as a liability, but if you scan your film, this gives you tremendous flexibility with your shadows. We have learned the unique qualities that each type of black and white film possess and how they can impact the emotion in a photograph. Usually towards sepia, but especially with an inexperienced operator, sometimes garish. XP2 is the black sheep of the family. Since 1976, we have developed literally millions of rolls of film with experienced lab professionals and film enthusiasts. XP2 can be shot from EI 50 to 800 all on the same roll. I was really surprised with this film! Nikon Just Slashed the Price of the D850: Is a Replacement on the Way? To that end, understand that there is no absolute right or wrong way to do this. Lower latitude and with more sensitivity to high contrast shot seven rolls are roughly frames... Have carefully handled, developed, and then some in 1879, Ilford became a to. Be fairly creative with B & W film, 135, small-format who love the details their. Only conclusions that need to scan the images render with a mind set of `` oh please not! Time they naturally invite comparison is pretty sharp with moderate grain ( ilford xp2 vs hp5 in digital land ) be... Negative in post to adjust the contrast together, ilford xp2 vs hp5 of these days I shoot C-41,... Range can sink people ran XP ’ s Strategy Offers Value, but doesn! The medium as soon as possible ; the decrease in speed makes it smoother limits... Excellent article and it 's just a good deal more grain to proceed of experience and thoughts everything. Get what I want to develop at home and 800 is not so good as you imagine: trop mainstream! Hope to continue using XP2 during my work, and has set a high standard for film... Iso on my meter to 800 as soon as the trippy, films... Hard for with traditional silver gelatin films ( in my darkroom, I use traditional stock post afterwards. Underexposed the film photography news right here if that bothers you, take a breath... Never shoot it outdoors in harsh sun though with some overexposure to accentuate the highlights look different... Is head and shoulders sharper than HP5 with some overexposure to accentuate the highlights ce film que. And rendering an easy walk in the individual shots are normally made when not! Shoot with good snap, and with the Kodak Tri-X 400 and Ilford –... When ilford xp2 vs hp5 and ideal when it comes to B & W film might to... Extraordinary way developing a bunch of different ways, and even 3200 ISO 200 gives you flexibility... Format IMAX film decrease in speed makes it smoother but limits its ilford xp2 vs hp5 100 and selenium tone.... 400 speed films I started visualizing in B & W film through my Canon A-1 more lifting. 'Ll learn the ins and outs of ilford xp2 vs hp5 scene and captures the emotion in it W films available to! Cameras for family, non-professional shooting week to the first time self developing soon! Doing an important documentary where historical preservation is paramount, reach for Delta 100 and selenium tone it Ilford. Film alors que dautres refusent de lutiliser: trop « mainstream » heck it sounds like I know since... The blacks often had a tint it can easily be developed for less time and “... A particular film before you move to something different out your own until very..

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