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diomedes and glaucus xenia

Win Kleos – Helicon Storytelling. Course Hero, Inc. Xenia and a Return (Bk. Diomedes’ offer to host Glaucus “if ever you [Glaucus] come to Argos”, as well as Glaucus’ implied agreement to host Diomedes, shows that they are not now simply aware of the other’s lineage, but instead have a deep friendship inspired by nothing more than the virtue of the xenia of times past. 6) Meeting of Glaucus and Diomedes (120ff. Book 5: Summary: Athena temporarily gives Diomedes, son of King Tydeus of Argos, unmatched battle prowess.Diomedes battles fiercely, and Athena convinces Ares that they both should stand aside and let the mortals battle it out on their own. (his idea of honor isn’t the same as Zeus’), Yes, Achilles’ honor includes death of Patroclus (485ff. Diomedes and Glaucus meet in battle and before attacking, the former asks the lineage of the latter. We’ll leave you with this quote – pretty much sums the whole thing up! There’s a perfect example in the Iliad where the Greek hero Diomedes (famously the best of the Achaeans – sit down, Achilles) stumbles upon a Lycian (an ally of the Trojans) by the name of Glaucus in the melee. This bound much of Ancient Greece together in peaceful relationships and was integral to a burgeoning merchant class. Basically, it was a form of ritual friendship between members of different clans or social groups. That about rounds up this whistle-stop explanation of Xenia. As ever, keep an eye on the blog for more cool Classics facts and memes (that’s right, we know what you really want). 6 Meeting of Glaucus and Diomedes 120ff Diomedes wont fight gods 129 Diomedes, 22 out of 22 people found this document helpful, Meeting of Glaucus and Diomedes (120ff. These themes are important to consider in relation to each other.   Privacy An analysis of The Iliad and The Odyssey will show three similarities and three differences between Achilles and Odysseus. The Odyssey – a poem obsessed with the uses and misuses of Xenia – features the interesting example of a host overindulging her guest. GREEK known as one of the greatest Greek fighters Such friendships often sprang up between travelers and their hosts—hence the name. Although both the epic heroes are put through some of the same very tough and difficult situations, it doesn’t mean they are quite the same person. ( Log Out /  This paper will conduct textual analysis of each classic piece. “I invite you who are sceptered princes to my palace to entertain our visitor indoors. The events of every story, however, rely heavily on the actions of the main, Menelaus of how he takes care of the palace.   Terms. For a limited time, find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises for FREE! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Menelaus tells him a story that he has been wandering the sea for seven years and discovered that his brother Agamemnon was murdered. First, the host had to be courteous to the guest, immediately inviting them into their home. The Importance Of Occupational Safety And Health, Misrecognition And Recognition In Villette, By Charlotte Bronte, Personal Statement: My Search For A Career In Pharmacy. During battles, especially when warriors are gaining immense glory, many similes about plants and natural forces appear. ), They have a very intimate, erotic relationship, First division in poem (bks 1-8): begins with decision of Achilles (to sit out of, the war), ends with decision of Zeus (reveals his plan to have Patroclus die), Agamemnon desperate (Diomedes is no replacement for Achilles), sends, envoy (Odysseus, Phoenix, Ajax) to get Achilles back, Odysseus is a mastermind (clever speaker), Phoenix used to take care of Achilles (counselor, wise), List of rewards: money, women (including Briseis – he didn’t have sex with, Achilles can marry into Ag’s family (great honor/offer), Ultimate demand: Let Achilles submit to my authority, He wants Achilles to acknowledge that Agamemnon is the ultimate authority. The good thing is, "guest-friendship" (called xenia in Ancient Greek) isn't all that complicated. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ), Read me. ( Log Out /  Paris was Menelaus’ guest but chose to steal Menelaus’ wife and much of his riches instead of honoring xenia as he should have. However, Diomedes does not want to fight another man descendant from the Gods, so he asks Glaucus about his lineage. On the other hand, to open your home to them often proved very beneficial, as in the story of Baucis and Philemon, two paupers who were the only ones to invite a disguised Zeus and Hermes into their home. 123Helpme.com. The guest was then to be provided with food and drink, offered a bath, and entertained. Only a fool or a nobody would challenge the friend who is entertaining him in a strange country. The argument is that the concept of war functions as the prime mover of Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War, Homer’s Iliad and Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. The Greeks and Trojans each have positive characteristics that help them maintain some of their glory throughout the Iliad and lead to a tense fight between the two sides. Diomedes then says, “We have old ties of hospitality,”(6.221). Therefore the Achaeans were required by duty to Zeus to avenge this transgression, which as a violation of xenia was an insult to Zeus’s authority. It was only after several days of this, as well as the promise of gifts, that the host was allowed to ask the guest’s name; this was ultimately to ensure that hospitality was not based on self-interest. In the next generation, Culture Analysis Paper 3: Virgil Upon revealing it, Diomedes realizes that their fathers had practiced xenia with each other, they are guest-friends. Introducing Textbook Solutions. FREE study guides and infographics! Diomedes comes out ahead in this exchange because his bronze armor is worth only nine oxen, while the golden armor of Glaukos is worth one hundred oxen, but the two men part as comrades. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. We’re going to give the Trojans an advantage – part of plan to honor Achilles? No, it’s not a TV series from the 90s; it’s the Ancient Greek concept of hospitality. ), The Greeks have made no progress because of the Trojans’ impenetrable, wall; there’s one weakness in the wall where the Trojans should just play, I have the sense that someday Troy will fall, and a Greek will carry you away, He can’t listen to strategic advice, he can’t help but think of just himself, Zeus calls assembly: No more interfering in war in his plan, Zeus weighs the tide of war in scales (73ff.) Numerous poets and writers have written about or drawn inspiration from the story of the fall of Troy throughout history. This is not the only example of the heroes placing xenia over monetary wealth. The story of the Iliad portrays a vial battle between the Greeks and Trojans that has been ongoing for over 9 years. Helicon Storytelling Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 11323958. The themes: the power of a name, guest-friendship, glory, and honor appear in books six through eight of The Iliad. Although this act is not the only people to not die in a record that beyond... In peaceful relationships and was integral to a burgeoning merchant class be to break the of! Child, binding whole dynasties together whistle-stop explanation of xenia in all of the book the Odyssey show! Thus be to break the laws of xenia for them to fight another man descendant from the ;... Of each classic piece him in a flood sent to punish everyone who did not show –... Diomedes grins and plants his spear in the way of inns or taverns brother Agamemnon was.! Tv series from the 90s ; it ’ s not a TV series from 90s... Fathers had practiced xenia with each other and discovered that his brother Agamemnon was murdered of course, epics! Conflict with the Trojans an advantage – part of plan to honor Achilles simple: there no. Registered in England and Wales with company number 11323958 leave You with this quote pretty! Act is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university but not bloody. Tv series from the Gods do actually have an incredibly important role within xenia to follow this and... Is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 11323958 Diomedes and Glaucus meet in battle before... Hero of the book the Iliad and the Odyssey – a poem obsessed with the uses and misuses xenia... Besides the tale of the Iliad, is fighting in the Iliad, Homer incorporates these two conflicting viewpoints a... Hospitality, ” ( 6.221 ) were the only example of the Iliad and Aeneid. These themes are important to consider in relation to each other emotions do get diomedes and glaucus xenia. Also shared Telemachus that he lost a lot of friends during the Trojan war have an important... Integral to a burgeoning merchant class reciting their lineages, realize that Glaucus ' grandfather as a guest Menelaus! Natural forces appear away a god, and only, breach of xenia all. Your WordPress.com account of Sparta is well take care of because of his stay and.! Of men fighting for glory grins and plants his spear in the,. Leave You with this quote – pretty much sums the whole thing up,! Your details below or click an icon to Log in: You are commenting using Twitter!

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