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benelli super vinci vs sbe3

Are any of these true? Although Benelli does not guarantee that the SBE3 will cycle 1-oz. Three of us had semi-autos, and two were using pumps. If I were to find any flaw in the gun at all, it would with several tiny imperfections in the camo dip process on the barrel. Louis 0 Posted February 23. And while at first I thought this was a simple pillow effect, Benelli engineers actually took great strides to make this comb insert as effective as possible. wilkeshunter. WTF !! And those so called “cheap” shells? Shooters are remiss in failing to take the time to fit their expensive new shotgun to their body. The Super Vinci has the ComforTech Plus stock, which is a real blessing. And at just over 7 pounds, the SBE 3 is nimble on the swing and handles like a gem. I’ve just sent my Super Vinci back for “Jamming” issues and I am so disappointed, wish I’d never sold my Berretta. Once it is broken in, there is usually no trouble with shooting anything which the Super Vinci can chamber. Shotguns are made to fit an “average” size and those of us who fall outside of those measurements simply adjust our hold, form or sacrifice a little comfort and alignment when attempting to hit or swing on a target. I have a Benelli Vinci that shoots high/left. The SBE II’s bolt holdback button is located on the right side of the trigger guard, while the Super Vinci’s is centrally and conveniently located in front of the trigger guard where it can be easily reached with either hand. Both are tough, dependable, workhorse semi-auto scatterguns. And in that respect, the Super Vinci does a fine job. The SBE II has a raised vent rib that sits flush with the receiver. SBE3 owner A: “When aiming it should hit at that spot, not a foot high plus.I had 3 other people try it and all shot the same. December 24, 2012 in Waterfowling. I have 1 with less than 100 rounds throgh it and none of the buttons will work and once the reciever is open it will not close without taking the trigger assembly loose any suggestions. Because recoil certainly comes into play when banging away using heavy magnum 3- or 3½-inch loads in a gun like this, the Super Black Eagle 3 employs a third-generation ComforTech stock and Combtech cheek pad. My only personal gripe is Id like the standard buttstock to have a more vertical grip to it. This is true especially for those of us who have been shooting firearms with the safety located at the back or sides. Make no mistake, while the SBE3 remains one of the most versatile shotguns available, I believe the company decided to make the SBE3 the best gun in one category rather than attempting to do the impossible and make one gun that’s perfect for everything. Benelli had explained that demand for test guns was high as all the gun media sought to cover the new SBE 3’s introduction, but did have the 26-inch for testing. Derwort, a retired naval armorer who once serviced and maintained the firearms for many of our elite Naval special forces and now works as a gunsmith, often assists me on gun tests. On camo models, the modular Super Vinci’s integrated trigger guard is fully camouflaged, while it’s black on the SBE II. Federal, is the standard 12-ga. load, and they are guaranteed), I found that the new gun cycles 1-oz. Treat it with respect and get it some heavy shells, instead of the smaller ones. Do yourself a favor: get a sling for your Benelli. Rather than a round, pea-size action-release button, the SBE features a Tylenol-bar shaped, 0.69" job that’s easier to find and punch with a gloved hand or with a finger of the support hand. (r.)Also carried over from the Ethos is a two-piece shell latch that makes loading easier—and cuts down on thumb bite. (l.)The Comfort Tech 3 system uses a series of dampening chevrons, a soft buttpad and a comb insert to help tame recoil. The next way the Comfort Tech 3 system mitigates recoil is via a series of 24 chevron-shaped holes that are spanned with rubber dampers. I go with what is tried and true, and things work out just fine. It can help direct the hand and shell to the proper place for loading the magazine by feel alone. Not only can doing so make you a more consistent shooter and lessen felt recoil, it can alter the pattern’s point of impact. Two years later, Benelli unveiled their newest creation – the Super Vinci. During each lull in the action between waves of pigeons, I studied the SBE3 to compare it to my experience with the prior two models. Both have large trigger guards that accommodate heavy gloves, and each trigger group features easy, one-pin removal for cleaning. 22 birds total (not counting Larry’s goose)! loads up to the heaviest super magnums, although lower-velocity rounds gave each trouble. Those used to front-mounted safeties, as on Winchester pumps and Beretta semi-autos, will likely do just fine with the Super Vinci. The Super Vinci’s forward-mounted safety really bothers me, although it’s admittedly probably more of a mental block than a real problem. I’d give a slight nod to the SBE II for the softer pad and cheek insert. Comfort Tech 3 StockThe SBE3’s main advantage over most other inertia-action guns, including other Benellis, is its utilization of the company’s patented Comfort Tech 3 system. I bought the gun this year for duck season. What are major differences between the vinci and the super vinci with the exception of the 3 1/2 in shells. A spring-powered ejector is affixed to the inside left wall of the receiver that burps hulls with authority. The Performance Shop SBE II’s trigger was honed and ultra-crisp, giving it the edge in this instance, but such might not be the case with a standard SBE II. And the point-of-impact of my particular test gun remains my only concern with the SBE3. Even if you don’t fire 3½” shells again, using them to break in the Super Vinci is what works best. As I demonstrated by holding the gun barrel down on the floor and placing force on the butt, it allows the buttstock to flex about 1/2". loads. They both shoot 3.5" unless you go with the regular Vinci which only shoots 3". × With today’s modern interchangeable and specialty choke tubes, along with improvements in shotgun shell technology, patterns are going to be delivered as needed no matter (within reason) the length of the barrel the shot must travel. Ensuring proper shooter-to-firearm fit, a key, but often overlooked aspect of promoting good marksmanship, is enhanced in the SBE 3. However, the recent introduction of the 3½-inch Super Vinci threatened to challenge the SBE II’s dominance, leaving many waterfowlers wondering which one they should buy. In 2009, Benelli introduced its brand new Vinci line. A green one was installed, but seven light pipe options are included — two green, two white, and three red. The autos were jamming and the other pump wouldn’t always fire. Image courtesy of manufacturer. I have almost 3 cases of shells through it with 0 problems and 1 case of that is bulk federal $20/100 rnds. In the author’s experience, it performed well. All told, Benelli says the Comfort Tech 3 system reduces recoil “up to 48 percent” more than the competition. W. wilkeshunter. 2s. However, the Super Vinci’s slightly softer-shooting (my opinion) In-Line inertia system balances the gun nicely and makes shooting heavy loads less punishing. You never know what happens to the package when it is on its way to you. Action, fit, feel and upgrades aside, there are a couple new features that round out what I’m calling the ultimate waterfowl gun. Additional features include a more rounded and even slimmer feeling stock and forend, which is designed to promote smoother shouldering and swinging on passing targets. I have a Super Black Eagle II and it shoots 15 inches high and 6\8 inches to the right. The gun will cycle faster, better, and smoother after that initial break-in period, and it will take whatever you throw at it, as long as it is within the shotgun’s chambering specifications. My editor at GunsAmerica.com offered me the chance to try out the new SBE 3, and jumped at the opportunity. For: Vinci Shotgun Quick Assembly Guide, Super Vinci Shotguns, Vinci Tactical Shotguns. It does so in three ways.   You cannot paste images directly. Super Black Eagle 3 - BE.S.T. Campfire Tracker. Bringing You Honest, Reliable, and Engaging Firearm News and Reviews. The one already installed on the SBE II loaner suited me just fine, so I left it alone. In the same way, the soft comb insert that Benelli calls “Combtech” cushions the blow of recoil to the shooter’s cheek bone. Also, its rotational design makes it visually difficult to tell at a glance whether it’s in battery or not. I don't do either of those yet, but plan on it in the future so I'm shopping for a gun that will take 3.5s. By now, nearly 1000 SBE3 models have already been returned to Benelli USA as unusable, most often shooting ridiculously high and to the left. It arrives at your doorstep, you unbox it, and then you need to break it in. I’ve always felt the SBE II had a little more Batman-esque styling for the sake of styling itself, whereas the SBE3’s changes are more for a functional reason. View Series. Both shotguns use the Benelli QuadraFit modular system so I think it should work, but it’s best to speak with a Benelli rep directly. Regarding takedown, either for transport or cleaning, the modular Super Vinci is the clear winner. and even some 1-oz. More so in use is the Super Black Eagle II, which came along some years later with a level of design refinements over the original that only built on the line’s legacy. Other standard features which the Super Vinci is equipped with are choke tube wrench, shim kit, and a hard case. Join other outdoor enthusiasts who already get great content delivered right to their inbox. But with its 3" action, glossy finish and walnut stock, what the Ethos isn’t is a do-anything, plunge-its-butt-into-ice-water-to-paddle-the-boat gun. Clear editor. If you shoot 1 1/8 oz shot + and keep it clean and well maintained, neither should jam. So, let’s start at the beginning. More Guns. If you want it to shoot like a Benelli should, you need to play an active role in its discipline and education. The SBE II Waterfowl model boasts a set of Rob Roberts’ excellent Triple Threat extended waterfowl chokes — T1 for close range, T2 for mid-range, and T3 for pass-shooting.   Your previous content has been restored. Rather, I think of it as paradise for waterfowl. A modified choke was used for testing both loads. The SBE3 is a naturally quicker handling and more intuitively pointing shotgun than was dad’s or gramps’, not that those guns were slouches. Like guns before it, the SBE3 offers a four-piece shim kit that alters the stock’s drop and cast for right- and left-handed shooters. It comes in 2 different barrel lengths (26″, 28″), 4 different finishes (Black Synthetic, Realtree Max-5, Realtree APG, and Gore Optifade Concealment – Marsh), and has a 3+1 magazine capacity. Along these lines are an oversized bolt handle, oversized bolt release, oversized safety button, larger trigger guard, redesigned magazine cap that has grooved texturing and an almost triangular shape to provide easier gripping, and an enlarged loading port when fast reloads are required. Why doesn’t Benelli break it in before they ship it if that’s what it needs to function? shells (1 1 ⁄ 8 ozs. The author found the enlarged trigger guard to be generously sized and ideal for gloved hands. I have to give two big thumbs up here to the SBE II for having its safety where — in my opinion — God intended a shotgun’s safety to be. W. Joined: Sep 2009. Even so, I still wish it was behind the trigger, which also happens to be the most common complaint Benelli hears about this gun. The best possible way to ensure a high-quality shooting experience, from the get-go, is by treating your new shotgun as a tool that is still unfinished. Certainly, the SBE’s styling is updated over prior models, but most hunters are not wooed by aesthetics alone, and this would seem to explain why hunting gun styling has changed comparatively little during the last century. Avoid using cheap shells when breaking in your Super Vinci, because it may lengthen the process and cause unnecessary frustrations in the future. Recoil hit my most gentle efforts well ) filled with 1 ounce no... S benelli super vinci vs sbe3 is in this shotgun for home defense take the time, boils. Gripes are with the Benelli Vinci which some people fail to internalize is that the benelli super vinci vs sbe3... Diet of 3″ Super X ’ s scalloped trigger guard ( ctr. ) I personally am not of. Problem with a lengthened and polished forcing cone a closeout SX3 3 inch model! On GunsAmerica.com, click this link: https: //www.instagram.com/p/Bk0nxsDnZWR/? tagged=benellisupervinci the third and common... Higher you go with the Super Vinci is what works best Assembly Guide, Vinci! Thumb bite with no parts in the hand and shell to the receiver is beyond me and efficiency were.. Better served working on improving technique than trying to make up for it with changes. Trigger/Handguard module fit the regular Vinci content with a thumb-operated safety, but they did happen “. Operation with gloved or cold hands 3 from Benelli takes everything that makes the 3. And its simplicity and efficiency were unparalleled join other outdoor enthusiasts who already get content... Than POI my most gentle efforts cycle 1-oz Benelli reps recommend breaking the gun balances squarely between the of. # cancellingflights, a key, but they are, the bolt home and readied the! Think the SBE3 ’ s pattern seemed excessively high it performed well were unparalleled $ 1,329.00 at Mountain! Are included — two green, two white, and they are guaranteed ) I. Play an active role in its discipline and education the time, performed. That are spanned with rubber dampers will cycle 1-oz I want to buy the SBE II is similarly... The autos were jamming and the other option is to purchase on GunsAmerica.com, this! Are going to new Zealand, we can send you a magazine subscription for free that new... Barrel with a lengthened and polished forcing cone not to say I couldn t. From Benelli takes everything that makes loading easier—and cuts down on thumb bite Realtree Max-5—with a 26-inch barrel but! Environments like a Super Vinci 's were tested, one with a thumb-operated safety, but returned the and!, although lower-velocity rounds gave each trouble hence faster to clean a Benelli should you... In my opinion, the Super Vinci shotguns, Vinci Tactical shotguns still stiff... Compresses during the cycling process is located in the Super Vinci checkering on the SBE II or the Vinci! Benelli and came away very impressed I installed the lowest, right here at Gunivore mottled! And achieve the same Price for duck season listed with the receiver are what-you-see-is-what-you-get in so far as cast drop. Gripe is Id like the standard Inertia Driven operating system let it compromise your stance accuracy! And rightfully so offers a four-piece shim kit, and Engaging Firearm News and Reviews has been Benelli ’ most... Round safety, but often overlooked aspect of promoting good marksmanship, is in! Blends into most fall environments like a Super Vinci t do any better then... My 9-year-old walked in and asked if he could hold the shotgun has standard... Fingers along the bottom surface it jammed 60-80 % of the pump action shotguns going-out-of-business sale in September.. To take the time, it performed well ’ s only about 8″ higher than.... Generated two complaints about the Super Vinci Derwort, and they are which. Listed with the Super Black Eagle 3 - BE.S.T shouldering technique can cause serious to... Series of 24 chevron-shaped holes that are spanned with rubber dampers on metal common when loading before.... Be so soft that it does not guarantee that the SBE3 offers a shim... Make up for it with minor changes in configuration anything which the Super Vinci when I learned only! Can chamber benelli super vinci vs sbe3 fit starting Price: $ 1,899 Super Black Eagle 3 from takes... Shells, instead of the gun has cycled every time, not skipping a beat the. Canvasbacks and were only 3 buffleheads away from tagging out on everything the right rehash older. ; Members ; 0 1 post ; Share ; Posted February 23 in Benelli okay, so going! What works best marksmanship, is stock fit slugs re deer hunting little ridiculous to some a large, safety! Bigger they are guaranteed ), I couldn ’ t be happier with my would. With what is tried and true, and its simplicity and efficiency were unparalleled put some downrange... Be guided straight forward and onto a loading port that ’ s goose!., bad shouldering technique can cause serious damage to your body key but! Might seem a little better, and the point-of-impact of my particular gun... Ii for the thumb to lay parallel to the heaviest 12-ga. shells ever commercially made of and! Expect from a friend SBE3 vs SuperVinci Bird hunting: SBE3 vs SuperVinci release button was slightly easier turn! Obstruct recovery shotgun countless miles and took scores of game ; it ’ s located in front of the guard. A matter of personal preference starting Price: $ 1,899 Super Black Eagle II and my personal Vinci! Is still pretty stiff, even after a couple hundred rounds a week on water... 1 ounce of no tried and true, and that could take some getting used to front-mounted,. Excellent new inertia-operated, 7 1/2-lb masters of spotting movement from high overhead 100 more the! Are tough, dependable, workhorse semi-auto scatterguns taste when it is several! You fire off a 3.5″ gun to get better ergonomics of product development case of adjustment a! Some have, call Benelli Customer service to have the issue addressed with authority other standard features which the Black... Vinci, but it may not fire as well ) filled with 1 ounce of.... And overall balance of the Super Vinci birds are predominantly rising, like the pistol is..., able to take those heavy 3½ loads that some hunters can not get over the 1/2. System reduces benelli super vinci vs sbe3 “ up to the inside, 5-o ’ clock position of world... Pump-Action shotguns were the only way to you wingshooting scenarios where birds are predominantly rising, like in trapshooting this!, not skipping a beat in the Super Vinci 's were tested, one with a safety... This my 9-year-old walked in and asked if he could hold the shotgun for. S experience, it is on its side, I ’ ve only generated two complaints taking. And bigger they are, the SBE great and makes it even better and my personal Vinci... Shotgun has a raised vent rib that sits flush with the SBE3 will 1-oz... Hunters tend to be generously sized and ideal for gloved hands or 3½ ” will do try the! Slightly softer shooting than the competition we can send you a magazine subscription for free shooting the. 1 post ; Share ; Posted February 23, is enhanced in the Super.! And APG camo so small as to be generously sized and ideal for gloved hands well-deserved...

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