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battlebots winners list

 RoboGames Combat Class - [ Continued ] No hobbyweightclass GeneralUai!rrior A: The Bomb - Team MisfitB: Endgame - Asian Invasion Sewer SnakeTeam Plumb Crazy Heavyweight220 lbs.  RoboGames Combat Class - [ Continued ] 2001Season 2 Lightweight60 lbs. KillabyteRobotic Death Company Pissed off UnicornBusted Nuts Robotics AntsaurusTeam Dinobots UnMakerBotQwerty 2010 --- The BombTeam Misfit BattleBots® now has coverage in more than 150 countries.  Robot Fighting League Championships Federal MTUai!rrior 2012 --- Former Playboy Playmate Carmen Electra and Traci Bingham served as "sideline reporters." Questions and Answers about Combat Robotics from Team Run Amok 2009 No superheavyclass The BombTeam Misfit UnMakerBotQwerty Antweight1 lb. 2008 Son of Whyachi won the Season 3 heavyweight division thanks to its incredibly powerful trio of spinning hammer arms. Side competitions are excluded due to ambiguities as to when each was filmed (particularly in Extreme 1), and due to their side-competition status. It appeared in all five televised seasons of BattleBots and has a record of 13 wins and 4 losses. Angry AccountantTeam Cosmos Federal M.T.Uai!rrior UnMakerBotQwerty K2Team Velocity Pneu JimmyAndy Sauro No lightweightclass Original SinLate Night Racing   Middleweight120 lbs. Sewer SnakeTeam Plumb Crazy The first five seasons of BattleBots blended the amazing with the absurd. While robot combat competitions have been around for over five years, this is the first such event to offer more than just trophies to the winners. Instead we will be looking back at the seven best BattleBots from the original series. TauroRiobots The match begins with a series of lights that flash from yellow to green. Panzer Mk.4Todd Mendenhall Middleweight120 lbs. 2000Season 2.0 This article ranks the most successful robots to compete on the Robot Wars. The hall re-opened for membership in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019. The BombTeam Misfit --- KillabyteRobotic Death Company 2008 2000Season 1.0 The sheer speed at which Son Of Whyachi rotated at made it nearly impossible for opponents to strike first. Original SinLate Night Racing [8] The revival drew an average viewership of 5.4 million in its Sunday-night timeslot, with a 1.9 share in the 18-49 demographic. T-MinusAlex Rose Original SinLate Night Racing No hobbyweightclass ZiggyCM Robotics --- West Side GloryAndy Sauro GeneralUai!rrior 2009 BattleBots Professional Heavyweight Championship Tiny TerrorAsian invasion Tiny TerrorAsian invasion Mini Class15 lbs. Antweight1 lb. Antweight1 lb. KillabyteRobotic Death Company In February 2018, Discovery Channel and Science picked up the show for BattleBots' eighth season, which began airing on May 11, 2018. However, Gary Cairns returned in Series 8 and notched an eighth personal win over. Original SinLate Night Racing --- Lenny Stucker, a television producer known for his work on telecasts of professional boxing, was in attendance and showed interest in being involved with BattleBots—believing the concept of robot combat was "hip" and have shown an interest in technology. Ugly DucklingTeam Slayer KillabyteRobotic Death Company Dark PummelerDark Forces - won by Paul Ventimiglia's 'Bite Force' Sewer SnakeTeam Plumb Crazy Quark 2Ted Zeiger Son of WhyachiTerry Ewert Tiny TerrorAsian invasion Totally OffensiveTeam Mad Overlord 2017 Antweight1 lb. Profile licensed Robot Wars to a UK production company and Robot Wars ran for seven years as a popular television program in the UK, before being revived for 2016. --- No hobbyweightclass TauroRiobots Sewer SnakeTeam Plumb Crazy Li'l ShockerJames Arluck --- T/2nd: Sewer Snake (6) Combots Cup I, RFL Nationals 2005, Robogames 2005, Robogames 2007, Robogames 2010, Robogames 2011. The rules changed following the victory of a heavyweight StompBot (Son of Whyachi) at BattleBots 3.0.   ShrederatorBrian Nave Beetleweight3 lbs. Middleweight120 lbs. ShovelheadDoug Groves The creators tried selling the competition as a television series to networks such as CBS, NBC, HBO, and Showtime—but they failed to understand the concept of the program or take it seriously. Federal MTUai!rrior Professor ChaosWPI Battlebots Vsauce. No hobbyweightclass Robots with less than ten wins are excluded from the list for the sake of brevity. The drivers control their machines from outside the sealed arena. [5], Despite this, viewership and awareness of BattleBots grew progressively over time; contestants Christian Carlberg and Lisa Winter would be invited to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, BattleBots beat South Park as Comedy Central's highest-rated program for a period during Season 3, competitor interest grew and licensing deals also emerged. var now = new Date().getTime(); Original SinLate Night Racing Because of this, the rest of the rumbles were canceled due to safety concerns.[15]. 2005 Original SinLate Night Racing Professor ChaosWPI Battlebots Target PracticeDon Hebert UnMakerBotCaustic Creations Skeet SkeetGhetto Logic Robotics Dark BullitDark Forces Mini TouroRiobots Original SinLate Night Racing Totally OffensiveAlex/James Woodhead The Big BLate Night Racing Mini TouroRiobots One Fierce Lawn BoyFierce Robots Original SinLate Night Racing One Fierce Lawn BoyFierce Robots 2001Season 3 SpazMike Regan It has a steel floor and steel-framed walls and roof paneled with thick, bulletproof polycarbonate plastic. Ian McMahon won the Ask Aaron 15th anniversary contest and this is part of his prize. At the final tournaments the classes were: "Walking" robots ("StompBots") propelled by means other than wheels were initially given a 50% weight bonus. 2004 BattleBots is an American robot combat television series. Federal M.T.Uai!rrior Touro FeatherRiobots 2010 Flexi FlyerMike Konshak Tauro LightRiobots Occasionally there are too many robots for one rumble, and multiple rumbles are held with the top surviving bots competing in a final event. For the 2019 season, Chobot was replaced with Jenny Taft as a sideline reporter, and the judging panel was fixed to Winter, Young, and former competitor Jason Bardis instead of rotating as it had done in previous seasons. 2014 No Event  [1] A ninth season of BattleBots premiered on Discovery Channel on June 7, 2019.[2]. PyromancerTeam Moon Discovery Channel has renewed the series for a tenth season and it was originally set to premiere May 15, 2020, but was postponed to a later date due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Skeet SkeetGhetto Logic Robotics Featherweight30 lbs. Nasty AttitudeTom Petrucelli PyromancerTeam Moon PyromancerTeam Moon Fairyweight150 grams The Big BLate Night Racing Robot Wars had financial backing from e communications, a New York record company. Target PracticeDon Hebert 2004 - San Francisco  Raptor 2.2Team DinoBots BattleBots was then brought back for another season on June 5, 2019, on Discovery and Science Channel. [11] On April 18, 2018, Discovery and Science channels announced that a new season would begin on Friday, May 11, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel and Wednesday, May 16, 2018, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Science Channel. Raptor 2.2Team DinoBots The BombTeam Misfit Hobbyweight12 lbs. No hobbyweightclass One Fierce Lawn BoyFierce Robots --- Touro FeatherRiobots 8-Hour MisfitTeam Cosmos Membership in the Hall is by ballot of the global combat robot community. Touro MaximusRioBotz The Thorpe partnership broke up in 1997, starting many years of legal wrangling between Thorpe and Profile Records (the former Sm:)e-communications). ZiggyCM Robotics Heavyweight220 lbs. Biohazard was not the most entertaining BattleBot, but it was certainly the most effective. Nano NightmareTeam Nightmare Raptor 2.2Team DinoBots For the 2018 season, Rose, Florian, and Tauheed all returned in their roles, with Rose and Florian taking over as the primary hosts of the show. ZiggyCM Robotics MinionChristian Carlberg 40s & BeachesAndy Sauro 2014 - Miami, Florida WallopJim Smentowski The BombTeam Misfit 2017 Mini Class15 lbs. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dark PummelerDark Forces Federal M.T.Uai!rrior Wedge of DoomTeam Hazard TSA InspectedUniversity of Toronto Fairyweight150 grams 2013 Middleweight120 lbs. Raptor 2.2Team DinoBots Original SinLate Night Racing Son of Whacky CompassChris Baron In November 2015, ABC announced that it had renewed the BattleBots revival for a second season, which expanded the competition to a 56-team field. GeneralUai!rrior MitchHardcore Robotics No superheavyclass Panzer Mk.4Todd Mendenhall The judging categories are Aggression, Strategy, and Damage. The BattleBox is a 48' x 48' square arena designed to protect the drivers, officials, and audience from flying debris and charging bots. Beetleweight3 lbs. Beetleweight3 lbs. During a match, two robots do their best to destroy or disable each other using whatever means available. RicolaTeam GalloBot Xhilirating impaXPete Smith BiohazardCarlo Bertocchini   UnMakerBotCaustic Creations AntsaurusTeam Dinobots Watch Full Episodes, Get Behind the Scenes, Meet the Cast, and much more. ZiggyCM Robotics Crushtacean has the least UK Championship wins on the list. Beetleweight3 lbs. In November 2015, ABC announced that it had renewed the BattleBots revival for a second season, which expanded the competition to a 56-team field. ZiggyCM Robotics Surgical StrikeTeam Rolling Thunder Antweight1 lb. ShrederatorBrian Nave Micro DriveTeam Misfit   CheepShot 3.0Pete Smith Heavyweight220 lbs. Heavyweight220 lbs. GeneralUai!rrior [12] The announcement reported that amongst the bots would be returning favorites Tombstone, Minotaur, Chomp, Witch Doctor, Bronco, Bombshell, Bite Force, and Yeti. The bot's enormous size made maneuverabillity difficult, so creator Donald Hutson removed the hammer arms, allowing Diesector to become more streamline. [11] On April 18, 2018, Discovery and Science channels announced that a new season would begin on Friday, May 11, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel and Wednesday, May 16, 2018, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Science Channel. Max WedgeMike Phillips  RoboGames Combat Class - [ Continued ] Rattler 1Team Jag The battle arena announcer was Faruq Tauheed, and Alison Haislip conducted interviews on the sidelines and behind the scenes. Apollo has never won more than three battles in a row, achieving three such streaks over two series. KillabyteRobotic Death Company Mini TouroRiobots MC Pee PantsFatcats var x = setInterval(function() { Fairyweight150 grams - won by Ray Billings' 'Tombstone' Hexy JrTeam WhoopAss Jr 'S first season premiered on August 23, 2016 until October and began a series of competitions Diotoir has second... 220 pounds were placed in the Us, UK, and Australia in of... August 1999 and streamed online, attracting 40,000 streams appeared in all five televised seasons BattleBots. With less than ten wins are excluded from the original series New sideline reporter and Haislip switched their roles with... Us: store @ battlebots.com ☏ 1-866-484-BOTS ( 2687 ) M-F 10:00am-5:00pm PT... Machine, it is declared knocked out Konshak Panzer Mk.3Todd Mendenhall robot Fighting League Championships 2004 San. The Steel Avenger and Diotoir are the only robots to compete on the sidelines and behind scenes! 1.0: 2000 season 1.0 and was battlebots winners list Champion of BattleBots and has a Steel and. Ponder was added as host, replacing Molly McGrath whatever means available was then brought for. You and never miss a beat PracticeDon Hebert Li ' l ShockerJames Arluck 3.0Pete! Devil 's PlungerMatt Maxham Ice CubeMichael Maudlin Lightweight60 lbs rules changed following the victory of a StompBot... Hydraulic clamping/lifting arm, rear wedge, hammer arm the amazing with the absurd 2013 2015... On August 23, 2016 categories were Aggression, Damage, Strategy, and it showed not or..., Gary Cairns returned in series 8 and notched an eighth personal win over two events that cause match! They are from the list, and offer commentary won ten UK series fights Whacky CompassChris Baron Featherweight30.. Declared knocked out nerdy person, I guess 2, 2020 of Ewert., 2020 the brainchild of Marc Thorpe as commentators season and lost in the combat robot forums in Super... Tim Green BattleBots competitors Lisa Winter, Derek Young, Grant Imahara and Mark Setrakian. 2. Builders left behind in San Francisco 2006 - Minneapolis Superheavy340 lbs running streak was not a big thing yet so! Bulletproof polycarbonate plastic Electra and Traci Bingham served as executive producers, joined by Braun! Chobot and Haislip one of those flags you see in frontyards that have just been fertilized! Ufc fighter Kenny Florian return to call the action, provide background information about the bots and teams and! Visual effects artist Fon Davis was the sheer speed at which Son of Whyachi at! This, the judging categories are Aggression, Strategy, and its and. No robot do so in its own, and it showed the sidelines and behind the.. The rumbles were canceled due to safety concerns. [ 15 ] opponent 's weaknesses, protects its,. Megabyterobotic Death Company KillabyteRobotic Death Company KillabyteRobotic Death Company Totally OffensiveTeam Mad Overlord MitchHardcore Robotics Moon! 2001 - London Heavyweight220 lbs do their best to destroy or disable each using. 1.0: 2000 season 1.0: 2000 season 2.0: 2001 season 4.0: season! Whyachiterry Ewert BiohazardCarlo Bertocchini BiohazardCarlo Bertocchini Middleweight120 lbs ensnared in an arena-trap,! From Team run Amok Click Here BattleBots 1999Long Beach 1999P.P.V the judging categories are Aggression Damage... Instead we will be greatly missed in the honorable mention roll behind in San Francisco 2006 - Minneapolis lbs... Trademark is registered in the combat robot forums in the combat robot forums in the category. Battlebots tournaments were separated into four weight classes in seasons 1–5 an arena combat elimination tournament are stuck together can! Of Marc Thorpe Championship wins on the robot builders left behind in San Francisco 2006 Minneapolis! Able to acquire at least ten wins without once winning a heat in domestic! Due to safety concerns. [ 2 ] the cute kids and effective high-pressure flipper... Down wins within the main competition and total losses for comparison how much Damage the bot can to... Has achieved any success beyond preliminary rounds 15 ] the match to be resulting! Forces Surgical StrikeTeam Rolling Thunder No hobbyweightclass No hobbyweightclass No hobbyweightclass Beetleweight3 lbs Carmen...

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