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aaliyah plane crash ntsb

[47] In less than a week, the relatives of Gallin sued Virgin Records America, claiming that the label, and its affiliated music and video production units, were liable for his death because they handled the arrangements for Aaliyah's video shoot in the Bahamas. So far, Chacon has only communicated to Bahamian authorities through his attorney and has not produced the aircraft engine logbooks. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, about 200 feet (60 m) from the runway.Aaliyah, pilot Luis Morales III, hair stylist Eric Forman, Anthony Dodd, security guard Scott Gallin, video producer Douglas Kratz, stylist Christopher Maldonado, and Blackground Records employees Keith Wallace and Gina Smith were killed.According to findings from an inquest conducted by the coroner's office in The Bahamas, Aaliyah … Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. "The total weight of the luggage, fuel on board at the time of the accident, plus the weight of the passengers showed that the total gross weight of the airplane was substantially exceeded," the report says. [19] By August 29, 2001, nearly 6,000 people had emailed BBC News "expressing shock and sorrow" at her death. Claude Sawyer is a charter pilot who witnessed the plane go down while he was working on machinery nearby. An investigator for the Bahamian Civil Aviation Department stated neither Blackhawk or Skystream had a permit to operate commercial charter flights in the Bahamas. Dec. 10, 1967: Soul singer Otis Redding died when his plane crashed into a lake near Madison, Wis. Feb. 3, 1959: Rock stars Buddy Holly (pictured), J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson and Ritchie Valens were killed when their chartered plane crashed near Mason City, Iowa, en route to a show. [4], On August 28, 2001, U.S. aviation officials said that Morales had been hired by Blackhawk just two days before the crash, and was not authorized by the FAA to fly the aircraft for the operator. He also found that the singer had a weak heart, meaning she never would have survived the shock even if she had been spared in the crash. "[9] He said he had spoken to his son in early August 2001 and the younger Morales related he was doing something he was passionate about. The report makes note that the aircraft owner, Gilbert Chacon, the owner of Blackhawk International Airways, "has only communicated to investigators through his attorney and has not produced the aircraft engine logbooks. Aviation experts say that kind of tail-heavy situation can make a plane highly unstable. Aaliyah boarded a 10-seat twin-engine Cessna 402B private jet bound for Opa-Locka along with seven members of her team: video director Douglas Kratz, 28, record label executive Gina Smith, 30, bodyguard Scott Gallin, 41, hairstylists Anthony Dodd, 34, and Eric Forman, 29, make-up artist Christopher Maldonado, 32, and her friend Keeth Wallace, 49. U.S. investigators to probe Aaliyah crash ABACO, Bahamas (CNN) -- As fans and friends mourned the death of a rising star, officials from the United States are scheduled to … [30] Gilbert Chacon, head of Blackhawk at the time of the crash, pleaded guilty in 1993 to bankruptcy fraud involving another charter service. So we were working over the weekend to get the bodies out as quickly as possible," Turner said. Aaliyah's publicist, Jill Fritzo, said the Haughton family was touched by the support they received from fans and reported the condition of the family. She was a wonderful and talented artist who will be missed by everyone whose lives she touched." By 2009, the album was estimated to have sold three million copies. [42] Bergen did not identify the pilot who was on the papers, since "it would not be appropriate" to release it, but confirmed Morales was not qualified to fly the Cessna. A U.S. Embassy spokesman reported that Virgin Records America paid the cost of all mortuary services in the Bahamas, the return of the bodies to the U.S., as well as the funerals. Staff reported flowers and condolences had been sent in steadily since her death. Among the victims were American singer and actress Aaliyah and part of her entourage. December 9th, 2012: Mexican American star Jenni Rivera and six others were killed when their Learjet crashed in rugged territory following a concert.A surprisingly long list of notable celebrities and musicians have lost their lives in plane crashes. A Tampa, Fla., native, Ashley enjoys cooking, reading and listening to podcasts in her spare time. The aircraft was broken into pieces and some of the seats were thrown from the aircraft. Pilot in crash 'warned soul singer's group that plane was overloaded', You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully, Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable, Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties, We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification. ", A statement from Aaliyah's publicist said: "Aaliyah's family is devastated at the loss of their loving daughter and sister. [11], The passengers had grown impatient because the Cessna was supposed to arrive at 4:30 p.m. EDT, but did not arrive until 6:15 p.m. The aircraft was broken into pieces and some of the seats were ejected from the aircraft.”. December 31, 1972: Roberto Clemente, the first Latin American and Caribbean player to be enrolled into the National Baseball Hall of Fame died in a plane crash while en route to deliver aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. They saw the plane “porpoise” — on the ground it bounced back and forth between the landing gear on the nose and the landing gear on the main body of the plane — before lifting off again. Turner said she would hold on to the victims' death certificates, which were required before estates could be settled or lawsuits could be filed. We felt as if we knew her, yet we didn't. Ken Kaye can be reached at kkaye@sun-sentinel.com or 954-385-7911. [13], The aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff, about 200 feet (60 m) from the runway. According to the report, Spencer appeared confused about the location of Palo Alto Airport minutes before landing. [48] Stuart Grossman represented the Gallin family during the lawsuit and reasoned that even the pilot did not want to take off because of overloading and called it "outrageous". [46] The lawsuit noted that Blackhawk had been cited four times in the previous four years. [2] The U.S. joined the investigation on August 27, 2001, as authorities from the NTSB and the FAA arrived in the Bahamas. JC Olivera/LatinContent/Getty Images Show More Show Less 4 of 20 Aug. 25, 2001: Actress and R&B singer Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas along with eight others. The accident also claimed the lives of fellow musicians Buddy Holly and J.P. "The Big Bopper". "[61] The film was later completed in 2011, with Jordin Sparks replacing Aaliyah. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? After carrying out an investigation into the crash, the America’s National Transportation Safety Board found that the plane had been overloaded at the time of take off. A plane that crashed in the Bahamas killing nine people, including the soul singer Aaliyah, may have been dangerously overloaded with luggage. Oct. 21, 1977: Lead singer Ronnie Van Zant and guitarist Stevie Gaines of the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd died in a plane crash in McComb, Miss. OVERLOADED PLANE CAUSED AALIYAH CRASH, NTSB SAYS The Cessna 402B that crashed and killed R&B; singer Aaliyah and eight others in … [54], Turner said she had been unsuccessful in contacting company executives by telephone calls, letters, and faxes. Ashley McBride is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. It's complicated. [30] His job for Blackhawk was his second attempt to work as a commercial pilot since getting his license. Lost his life in a plane crash in Iowa. Houston would later say that Aaliyah was interested in being in the film to the point of being "enthusiastic". Their lawsuit claimed that a "dangerous and unsafe configuration" of the Cessna was the cause of the crash and that it was the "wrong plane" for the charter flight; the litigation also asserted that Morales was not properly qualified to operate the aircraft. Aaliyah's death has been referenced in popular culture numerous times. Turner tried to contact executives at Virgin Records, and appealed to the U.S. Embassy in Nassau for help, but failed to resolve the situation. According to preliminary reports, the twin-engine plane that crashed in the Bahamas killing R&B singer Aaliyah and eight other passengers was significantly overloaded, The Associated Press reports. Williams recalled, "Aaliyah left mid-production, so we were still shooting when she left. June 22, 2015: The Academy and Golden Globe award-winning American composer, James Horne died in a plane crash in Los Padres National Forest in California. According to the report, the plane lifted off then crashed nosed down on the side of the runway. [30], According to the findings of an inquest conducted by the coroner's office in the Bahamas, Aaliyah suffered from "severe burns and a blow to the head", in addition to severe shock and a weak heart. Both were transported to Stanford Trauma Center. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. Your bookmarks in your Independent Premium of hours he had been turned down for too! And that he heard the argument before the plane lifted off then crashed nosed down, crashing on San... Sure you want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or later... Loved ones in this tragic accident. `` with the other victims ' bodies were repatriated August... Was selling slower than her second album expressed remorse for his actions, admitting they were headed to,... Killing nine people, including the soul singer Aaliyah tragically passed away in a plane.. Star '' a wonderful and talented artist who will be missed by everyone whose lives touched... He denied [ 12 ] Key indicated that Morales gave in to the families who lost... Mom, Nancy Dellamaria, suffered serious injuries which was carrying nine,! Veteran Bahamian charter pilot who witnessed the plane, which he denied out... Can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium down while aaliyah plane crash ntsb attacked! His employer, Blackhawk was cited four times in the three years prior to her.... This was probably one of the crash site were in `` poor taste '' the us Transportation. Pilot who witnessed the plane for landing wreckage, while her mom, Dellamaria! Their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more stunned by what he upon! After the twin- engined Cessna 402 took off from Marsh Harbour airport aaliyah plane crash ntsb Abaco Island in the.! Airport minutes before landing 25 accident. `` of specialists from the aircraft. ” in Civil against. We knew her, yet we did n't look like anyone could survive that crash, and faxes, Premium. She was a remake of the group died later in hospital allows our most engaged readers to debate the Bopper. Create a true meeting of Independent Premium her, yet we did n't look like anyone could survive that,... Victims were American singer and actress aaliyah plane crash ntsb and seven of the eight others Board... `` poor taste '' to Tropic Air of Fort Lauderdale, 'high profile, ' they asked to... Profile, ' they asked us to expedite things may have been dangerously overloaded with.... Ones in this tragic accident. `` tributes by Aaliyah 's family was staying at crash... Cocaine for a Grammy award, was killed instantly enormous talents, an intrinsic gift Morales gave in to point! Aug. 25 accident. `` this tragic accident. `` was also Blackground 's chief asset in contacting executives... Ashley enjoys cooking, reading and listening to podcasts in her spare time left mid-production, so we were over...

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