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80s rap playlist

Throw Chuck D’s booming voice and his back-and-forth with joker Flavor Flav in the mix and the signature sound of one of Hip Hop’s biggest acts ever is born.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hiphopgoldenage_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_15',180,'0','0'])); You Gots To Chill is the quintessential EPMD song. After dropping their first two classic tracks – “Eric B Is President” and “My Melody” – in 1986, Eric B & Rakim really raised the bar in 1987 with Paid In Full – one of the top albums in all of Hip Hop’s history. The bass-line and reverse beat on this song are just crazy. Everything that makes Paul’s Boutique so brilliant comes together on this track. Of course, the Marley Marl-produced “The Bridge” is a classic song in its own right. Browse by Genre. It started out as a top 40, then a top 50, then 75, after which I figured I d just push it to 100. This track by Just-Ice (with the help of a young KRS-One) deals with the origins of Hip Hop in the Bronx and the rest of New York. The first Hip Hop song to use rock influences. 9. Pioneered in New York City in the early 1970s, it was not until 1979 that the first second Hip Hop song (even though still heavily influenced by disco sounds) was recorded and released – “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang. Jungle Brothers - Doin' Our Own Dang16. The difference between all the clones and this album is the originality and authenticity of Straight Outta Compton; combined with the revolutionary & flawless production of Dr Dre and the raw energy & at the time shocking lyrical imagery of Ice Cube, MC Ren & Eazy E. The album is a super classic and this title track the perfect opening salvo. From artists like Slick Rick to the Fresh Prince, Public Enemy to the 2Live Crew, N.W.A to BDP, Salt-N-Pepa to Queen Latifah, The Fat Boys to De La Soul—this is where rap's various ideologies and innovations begin spinning outwards, spreading geographically and, culturally. During this time, Gangsta rap, Afrocentric rhymes, female rappers, G-Funk, novelty songs, crossover hits, experimental jazz-influenced sounds, and rappers of all nationalities, racial groups, and different styles burst onto the scene. 14 minutes of spitting rhymes. From then on, Hip Hop quickly started spreading all over the world. First release off the Def Jam label. In the beginning, there were turntables, B-Boys, “Rappers Delight”, RUN-DMC, and Kurtis Blow. This is a classic single from the first Hip Hop group ever to get a record deal. 10. The sad thing is that in the more than 30 years since this song was recorded nothing has changed…. Production, Pitch Treacherous Three – The New Rap Language (1980), 99. This feature was originally published on October 25, 2017. 0:30. 7. B-boys in Adidas tracksuits breakdanced on flattened cardboard boxes, as KRS-One and LL Cool J rocked the mic with rugged raps. 3:00 0:30. Public Enemy – Night Of The Living Baseheads (1988), 66. These (double A-side) songs from Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew, featuring Slick Rick, are among the most classic tracks in Hip Hop, ever. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause (1987) “Rebel Without a Pause” was the first song created for … ’n Time, Record Some may look at that negatively but I’d argue we wouldn’t have had the likes of Nas, Biggie, Jay Z without it. With an East Coast all-star line-up, it was one of 1989’s biggest songs, one that resonates with relevance to this day. “Buddy” is the third single from De La Soul’s classic debut album 3 Feet High and Rising. Harder, sparser beats and a new, more aggressive style of rapping. Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (1987), 98. Listen to it and then listen to it again and let it sink in. Even though the intention of “The Bridge” may not even have been to make that claim, it still is responsible for one of the first beefs in Hip Hop and a few classic BDP songs. LL Cool J – I Can’t Live Without My Radio (1985), 60. Enter your email address to subscribe to our newsletter. Hardware, Music One of Big Daddy Kane‘s biggest hits and best-known songs. This has to be one of the most impactful songs Public Enemy ever did, and that is saying something. This song was the lead track for a 1986 EP and would also be included on Biz Markie’s 1988 full-length debut Goin’ Off.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hiphopgoldenage_com-portrait-1','ezslot_18',186,'0','0'])); This revamped version for Eazy E‘s debut album Eazy Duz It is even better than the 1987 original. It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, revolutionary production by a young Dr. Dre. Over 30 years old and more relevant today than ever. Pete Rock \u0026 C.L. Arguably Public Enemy’s best-known track, the musical theme for Spike Lee’s classic movie Do The Right Thing is universally regarded as one of the best songs of all time. Rakim took braggadocious rhyming to a new level by adding an intellectual veneer to it all – nobody could say “I’m the best” the way Rakim did, dismissing all competition casually and effortlessly and always without the use of profanity. The Stop the Violence Movement was started by KRS-One in response to violence in the Hip Hop and African American communities. I ve been working on this post since late February, but it s finally done now that the draft crush and our summer east coast swing are over. 25 Songs — The ‘80s were an interesting time for R&B. Push It – Salt N Pepa (1986) – One of the key songs that brought rap to the mainstream. But classic soul artists soon had to make room for a new wave of performers. I’d also add at least one more from Licensed To Ill, which was the highest selling rap album of the 80’s for a reason. Big Daddy Kane – Warm It Up Kane (1989), 74. A Nightmare on My Street. Hip Hop Be Bop (Original Version)Man Parrish • Hip Hop Be Bop. Clever lyrics, a banging instrumental – this song, along with the rest of the album, was crucial in the maturing of Hip Hop and was one of the albums (together with Run DMC’s Raising Hell, Eric B & Rakim’s Paid in Full, Public Enemy’s Yo! Strangely the single release of this track wasn’t a huge success in 1988, but since then this track has rightfully come to be recognized not only as the quintessential Eric B & Rakim song but as one of Hip Hop’s biggest songs ever as well. An emcee who can spit with the best of them, male or female. All rights reserved. Del The Funky Homosapien - Mistadobalina - Remastered Version12. Are your favorites missing? In full story-telling mode, Biz shows us how people’s behavior changes after you become successful. Showcasing his ladies-man persona to the fullest and lyrically destroying the competition at the same time, “Smooth Operator” is signature Big Daddy Kane. MC Lyte - Cold Rock A Party (Bad Boy Remix)4. Got overlooked because of the year but such a unique track with an obscure early 80’s sample. It's never what you do, but how it's done." Silent Disco at The River Hotel, Australia, Passaic 07055, NJ, United States of America, Twitch @toastedfyrewolf, United States of America, Portland, Oregon, United States of America, Los Angeles, Ca, United States of America, Monterey Park, Ca, United States of America, Woodland Hills, Ca, United States of America, Serato 80s . Lil' Kim - Big Momma Thang8. Pure genius. Lil' Kim - Crush On You20. Jam-Master Jay’s turntable mastery, the Beastie Boys’ party anthems, and Public Enemy’s political mindset laid the groundwork on the East Coast, while the emergence of N.W.A.’s gangsta rap and Too $hort’s indulgences out West gave birth to one nation under hip-hop as we know it. 1. Queen Latifah ft Monie Love – Ladies First (1989), 72. In the early ’80s, Hip Hop artists released mainly singles, and only since the mid-80s – when the record labels got behind it – the world started to see regular Hip Hop album releases. Rakim will take the listener on a metaphorical trip into outer-space and then back into the listeners head – a lyrical masterpiece. MC Lyte‘s debut album still is a classic piece of work, that belongs in any Hip Hop fan’s collection. Straight Out The Jungle and Because I Got It Like That – Jungle Brothers (1988). The eighties: the decade in which Hip Hop grew from a local phenomenon into a major worldwide musical and cultural force. 3. It’s between Rhymin and Stealin and She’s Crafty for the dope Zeppelin samples. But the fact is that it wasn't the late '60s when everything changed—at least not in popular music. Also read: Top 100 Hip Hop Songs Of The 1990s, Top 100 Hip Hop Albums Of The 1980s & Greatest Hip Hop Albums 1980 – 2019. Late 80s Rap Playlist December 24, 2014 Mike Pease A Tribe Called Quest , Geto Boys , JJ Fad , Kool Moe Dee Leave a comment In the beginning, there were turntables, B-Boys, “Rappers Delight”, RUN-DMC, and Kurtis Blow. If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. Cool J, Ice-T, Missy Elliot, Pete Rock, Jungle Brothers, Del The Funky Homosapien, Jungle Brothers, Ol' Dirty Bastard and more.

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