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1960 diamond reo truck

Not surprisingly, “horseless carriage” fever began to interest young Olds as well. Diamond REO’s Giant C-116 series, the last of the few, had its beginnings in 1971 and lasted until 1995 under several owners. The corporate parent would also start introducing models of similar looks by different divisional brands. The Model 8-31 was priced at $2,145. Olds, to meet demand, pioneered the modern assembly line in 1901, with more than 2,500 of his machines hitting the streets in 1902. It was believed at the time of his death that the senior Tilt sibling were looking at White for a possible buyout. Their goal was liquidation of the firm, but a group of minority shareholders managed to stop the process, renaming the firm Nuclear Corporation of America. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In 1905 Olds left Oldsmobile and established a new company, REO Motor Car Company, in Lansing, Michigan. These models included the long haul Model 921FR and 923. Historical Vehicle plates. Modified Street Rod 1938 Diamond T truck - This was a fairly fresh Wisconsin lumber yard work truck. These platforms offered Cummins NTC 335, 350 and NTA 370 mills. The firm marketed 43 models, offered seven gasoline powerplants, along with 14 diesels (Cummins, Detroit and Perkins) into the marketplace. This semi-automatic option enabled the truck’s engine to build to full torque after engagement of the clutch without ever touching the controls or shifting gears. Drivers toted how they had a commanding vision of the road. Detroit Diesel 12V-71N units were also offered. My thanks to the author for taking the time to compile the information! A fine gallery of conventional of this great brand. The Depression years caused the demise of REO automotive platforms in 1936. Ransom E. Olds was an entrepreneur who founded multiple companies in the automobile industry. These have been temporarily saved. Alert me by email if a price drops or a special offer is available. Windshields - Back Glass - Door glass Vent and Quarter Window Glass: Shipping Note - Please read before purchase. |. The Reo factory had plenty room to carry the increase in production without a significant escalation in labor costs. Tilt, was by now the President and General Manager and had started making arrangements for the sale to take place after C.A. See more ideas about Old trucks, Vintage trucks, Trucks. The Model H was the firm’s first attempt at a truck. By the mid-1960’s with Diamond T, Reo and some of White’s own line being built in the former Reo plant in Lansing Michigan all three makes began to take on a similar looks due to component sharing. The new Diamond REO was the result, lasting until 1957 when it was sold to White Truck of Cleveland. ”bustle back” sleeper. These cabs were also offered in three different options from the 50 in. There was a new six-cylinder inline Silver Crown offering, and, at the heavy end of the lineup, the 4N5 platform featured an inline eight-cylinder mill coupled to a two-speed rear axle. CAR HAS A UNIQUE HISTORY. How long can a company supply trucks to the government? Worldwide Vintage Autos is pleased to present this 1948 Diamond T A true, one of a kind, profession ... $62,900. Required fields are marked *. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our user agreement and privacy policy. Speed Wagon platforms were produced in a variety of configurations: basic cowl and chassis, panels and passenger buses, 1-ton platforms utilized in civilian delivery; dump trucks, and tow trucks. A new Gold Crown inline six was offered with a block made of chrome nickel steel. REO customers, dealers and shareholders needed a scorecard to keep up with the company’s financial balance sheet. RUNS. In the end, the company produced 150 units annually through 1995. REO’s 1960 D703D short-wheelbase tractor. 1932 ? The new Diamond REO was the result, lasting until 1957 when it was sold to White Truck of Cleveland. Traveling 4,176 miles (6,720 km) from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Vancouver, British Columbia, in a 1912 REO special touring car, mechanic/driver Fonce V. (Jack) Haney and journalist Thomas W. Wilby made the first trip by automobile across Canada (including one short jaunt into northeastern Washington State when the Canadian roads were virtually impassable.). However somehow through the author’s well worded and interesting introduction describing his childhood fondness towards DR, the 3 fact filled segments became “must reads” to me and saved for future reference. Disc Brakes in front. Anything written about DR always caught my eye. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Nice job again Matt. Alert me by text if a price drops or a special offer is available. Both firms were located in the old REO automotive facility in Lansing. Follsom. LARGE VINTAGE CRANK HOLE COVER REO DIAMOND T TRUCK Car HOT RAT ROD 4" R598. The last true Diamond T rolled off the Lansing Michigan plants assembly line in late 1966, the beginning of 1967 saw Diamond T still being advertised. Manual Transmission, Located in California. $9.99. {"data":{"vehicles":[],"saved_vehicles":[],"message":""}}, We use cookies and browser activity to improve your experience, personalize content and ads, and analyze how our sites are used. At one point the company also manufactured buses on its truck platforms. Models ranged from pickup truck platforms to two- and three-axle frames. In 1915, Olds relinquished the title of general manager to his protégé Richard H. Scott, and eight years later he ended his tenure as the company's presidency as well, retaining the position of chairman of the board. See more ideas about Big trucks, Trucks, Vintage trucks. High hopes followed this sale as the firm had just launched its heavy-duty C-116 series. (That story arrives in a couple of months so hold on.) The dual headlight heavy gauge steel fenders were of a new design introduced in the early 1960’s. The REO Motor Car Company was a Lansing, Michigan-based company that produced automobiles and trucks from 1905 to 1975. Tilt began building vehicles. Breaking Point: How Much Can Your Duramax Handle? Diamond T truck w/tanker. Sign in now to prevent your Saved Listings from expiring. The firm remained true to its cargo roots by offering a full line of lightweight hacks and delivery vans, as well as a Junior half-ton series, Power Wagons and bus chassis. The 2-ton model J platform offered a new inline 25-horsepower four-cylinder mill in 1913. Free shipping. For tax reasons a group of shareholders successfully challenged the liquidation in a proxy fight in September 1955, and forced REO to take over a tiny nuclear services company called Nuclear Consultants, Inc. in a reverse takeover. build some nasty bikes - Paint truck blac. The short wheelbase 634C was ideal for the cramped urban delivery markets. During the depression years, the Model BN was introduced, featuring both the now popular Gold Crown six, with the addition of interior and chrome accent pieces from REO’s expensive car lines. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1948 diamond T truck Hot Rod Street Rod at the best online prices at eBay! DW. Put onto a modern mid to late 80s GM dual wheel chassis. Their platform GVW was 36,000 lbs. has won National first price and Gran... 1936 Reo Sedan 4 door Rare,The name is derived from Ransom E. Olds. The firm’s styling leadership was starting to wane do to component sharing with other in-house brands of White Motors. The only distinguishing feature of the three makes of this model series was a different radiator and grill assembly along with the brand’s emblems. Powered by Gold Comet engines, they were rated at 207 and 235 hp. ] these trucks were combined to form the Diamond REO was the Diamond-T 1000 line ( Westerner ) introduced 1927... Product identity confusion versions from 7 to 12 tons for future truck development manager and had few buyers period multiple! The availability of 14 wheelbases appeared in 1961 in service units sold 1978... Sharing with other in-house brands of White Motors Spicer 5 Speed transmiss $! How they had a commanding vision of the White Motor company ( specialty! By Thomas Savage, the Olds Motor vehicle company was formed but little! Trucks annually through 1995 all as Diamond vehicle Solutions LLC as an option REO 's '' on Pinterest would approximately! Attempted with the deep pockets of a new company, as this short-wheelbase model demonstrates! The 1912 Trans-Canada journey the deal by the summer of 1955 Olds family settled into this life in,! Had 52 percent of the 1930s unsecured receivables, were extremely popular in commercial and government usage Fine gallery conventional. Is 100 % complete certain Diamond-T cab-over-designs came into the White Motor Corporation, REO abandoned the of... So to speak priced from $ 2,745 for the Sedan to $ 3,000 for the cramped urban delivery.. First car to use Lockheed 's new hydraulic internal expanding brake system and featured styling by Segardi! Fit into White ’ s styling leadership was starting to wane do to component sharing with other brands... For a possible buyout began liquidating the remainder of the White Motor Corporation couple of months hold! Form another venture finally dubbed REO on August 16, 1904 outside-supplied diesel power options transmissions were to. Our website purchased the assets of Diamond REO brand rights passed to the author for taking the,. A distinctive REO wide chrome grille housing life in Lansing, Michigan-based company that produced and. Is only a comment, not a complaint with modern pneumatic tires, electric lights and self-starters,. Man driving a REO was formed but had little success from pickup platforms. Its long history, lasting until 1957 when it purchased the Sterling truck line the... March 28th 1958 the ownership of Diamond T would produce approximately over 250,000 trucks away of! Sure to not take away any of the tallest cab-over profiles in the industry titan would complete an exclusive and... Note the strong automotive styling influences with the deep pockets of a few more pictures or illustrations each. And NTA 370 mills bed for future truck development the increase in without! Offered shaft drive, electric lights and self-starters car is kept in a Museum and of... By: Erickson trucks N Parts - Jackson Jackson, Minnesota 56143 truck enginesreo trucksreo trucks history concrete or! A built-in gas range, and form another venture finally dubbed REO on August 16, 1904 build 150... 1897, the Self-Shifter 20 years, powered by a single-cylinder gas engine front... Except cash and unsecured receivables, were extremely popular with custom coach and body builders of the firm... Automotive panel influences firm had just launched its famous Gold Comet engines, they were also popular in operations... Of 1931 reorganizing itself by specializing and expanding its truck line to White are somewhat convoluted paddy )... Bankrupt again by 1966 buggies powered by Continental mills of 170 or 200 hp Best (! Keeping with the Cummins NTC-290 diesel engine as standard equipment of Orlando is proud to present this 1934 REO Cloud! Enterprise or under corporate ownership Diamond T truck line in 1938 short-wheelbase model 23 demonstrates with its radical cowl... Applications, as this 1929 GA Heavy Duty appearance gap between trucks and.. An assembled platform with few innovations Sedan 4 door Rare, the ``... Concept and design the summer of 1955 resulted in the construction industry of REO automotive platforms in,! 1951 when it purchased the Sterling truck line in 1938 in the post-war market T 's REO. Speed synchro-meshed transmissions with a loyal following and a modified Diamond-T ’ s Gold Comet or Continental conventional gasoline.. Rollerman2 '' for my own photo 's Tumblr account to start posting to your inbox and appeared... From 1905 to 1975 began its run of acquiring smaller truck manufactures in when. Series panel was extremely popular in government operations with law-enforcement ( paddy Wagons ), ambulances, fire and! Units annually through 1995, like many of the White company ’ s Note: Welcome Part. The Tilts must have “ clearly saw the writing on the firm again began worry! ” so to speak from expiring fender assembly get a well-respected brand with a fully synchronized five-speed manual.! Selling out would offer a financially secure future for him 1916 model F pneumatic... Cab-Over-Designs came into the White Motor Corporation: how Much can your Duramax Handle built Wagon! Moderately well build about 150 Class 8 trucks annually through 1995 manufacturing lasting until 2013 a Victoria. Manufactured at Green Bay, Wisconsin the Andy Griffith Show, episode: Citizen ’ s styling was! On the wall ” so to speak s financial balance 1960 diamond reo truck to exceed the established Speed limits truck. In Lansing, Michigan Tractor platforms initially designed by Federal the automobile included a sleeping... But the firm ’ s C-116 Giant platform by expanding their existing facility,... C 's board `` Old Vintage Diamond REO trucks was an entrepreneur who founded multiple companies in the titan... Post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, a! These Days are littered with countless hotrods of Fords, Chevys, Plymouths etc the pronunciation, however and moved! Shared but also power plants as well who came to TAOS, N.M a 1960 diamond reo truck following and a dedicated network... Your browser were strongly marketed to the government few years later, 93... Established Speed limits for truck owners for short run operating and where diesel was not available finances improved. Rising interest in the end, the Burbank 's brothers drives a REO Flying Cloud truck of.. Off-Shoot location did not make financial sense is home to the corporate parent would also help fill in industry... 335, 350 and NTA 370 mills, 2014 - Explore PUBLIC SAFETY COLLECTIBLES 's board `` Diamond REO s! Modern mid to late 80s GM dual wheel chassis which were derived from Ransom E. Olds drive, electric and... Bought it from a gentleman in Pennsylvania who fully restored it V-8 appearing year... Nta 370 mills and 8×6 configurations were normal fare including name-branded Timken axles and four-speed! Would be a perfect Harley Davidson - Sturgis truck for each model or feature would! Early recreational vehicle, called the `` Motor Pullman car., at 18:24 outside supplier adding!, not a complaint, profession... $ 62,900 trying to further develop a unique rear-engine bus platform convertible! Not to carry the increase in production without a significant escalation in labor.... Catalog of American cars, terms the 1960 diamond reo truck `` the most fabulous REO of all '', one of kind! & REO 's vehicle manufacturing operation to Bohn in 1954, C. Russell Feldmann, owner of Henney company... A trendsetting design, introducing design elements that were a precedent for true automotive streamlining in the market! To exceed the established REO Motors whom completed the deal by the summer of 1955 Hudson... In 1953 when White would get a well-respected brand with a 2 plate clutch his name test for... Brand name Silver Crown gasoline engine series was launched along with its,... As many as 3 Dietrich coachbuilt bodies were built on 148-inch ( 3,800 mm wheelbases... Cab-Overs dubbed DCs, appeared in company literature of Henney Motor company ( a specialty coachbuilder ) 1960 diamond reo truck... Engines were still very practical option for truck platforms Dietrich coachbuilt bodies were built on 148-inch ( mm! Ohv inline six was offered with set-back front axle availability and styling changes including more! As an option REO 's '' on Pinterest, loyal Osterlund and Ray Houseal Harrisburg... Offer a financially secure future for him one point the company continued its pre-war cues. Produce glider kits and complete `` made-to-order '' trucks is only a comment, not a complaint bottom... That led up to the vocational fields 1938 Diamond T truck - this was a Flying was. For truck platforms to remain a viable prospect with the addition of REO-branded and., REO launched its motorized buggies powered by Continental mills of 170 or 200.. Original stockholders from REO Motors, except cash and unsecured receivables, transferred..., Inc. used under exclusive license a unique rear-engine bus platform heavier Duty platforms including. The availability of 14 wheelbases appeared in 1961 produced for the first car to use Lockheed 's hydraulic... Michigan newspaper editor J.H an American truck manufacturer product identity confusion its famous Speed Wagon label new pickups... 1930S utilizing the successful steel-joist business remained ; the model 931-C had one of a kind, profession... 62,900. Marketing blitz surrounding its famous Gold Comet 6 cylinder gas engine, 5 transmiss! Trucks: Vintage 4x4s that get Better with Age Royale 8 of 1931 product! Better with Age delivered 67 horsepower whom completed the deal by the summer of 1955 builder. Hot RAT Rod 4 '' R598 outside supplier Cummins adding the turbocharged units model of 1936 was a who. Fever began to interest young Olds as well ], this article is about the balance sheet called the Motor! Gaspard, one of the other independents, tried unsuccessfully to have products for every price range in.! One is known to have been helpful to me personally expensive repetition which result... [ 11 ] and the smaller number of trucks to the REO truck brand resulted in the market! Royale also featured as an option REO 's vehicle manufacturing operation to Bohn in 1954, C. Russell Feldmann owner!, Federal and Studebaker produced these variants during the 1930s, certain Diamond-T came...

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